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Dozer head scissors Joey King flexing bicep pecs

Dozer vs Joey King - Ring Wars 20

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

This has all the hallmarks of a classic.  Two big guys, both obviously experienced. Dozer, with his competition physique, and Joey King, all thick, tightly corded muscle.  Admiring each other’s hard work, Dozer invites Joey to look at his legs.  “I don’t think you wanna feel them though!”  Challenge on!  Joey responds with a hard takedown, followed up with driving Dozer’s knee into the canvas!  Dozer responds with a fireman’s lift and a slam down – this isn’t going to be a high-flying match!  One slugfest with a side order of muscle coming up!

The action is back and forth, with Joey possibly having the edge in technique, but as we all know, Dozer can hang with the best!  The advantage moves between the guys so much you lose count!  This is a hard, fast match that is going to be no easy victory for either man.  A chinlock has Joey in trouble, followed by a brief sleeper and a takedown – Dozer has a plan! “Oh, there it is – Dozer’s scissors!” Joey is trapped between the massive quads of Dozer, experiencing first-hand what the bodybuilder had earlier eluded to!  Falling back, with Joey still trapped, Dozer gives us a show as he systematically crushes the head of poor Joey King.  Somehow, Joey escapes and catches Dozer in a modified surfboard!  You won’t be able to take your eyes off Joey’s chest and traps as he pulls back on Dozer with all his might!  A camel clutch in the ropes and Dozer is in trouble!

Reversal after reversal, hold after hold, these are two evenly matched gladiators!  History repeats though, as Joey finds himself again trapped between Dozer’s massive legs!  With his entire world framed by Dozer’s quads, King is desperate to be anywhere but there!  He escapes, but is disoriented, as anyone who’s ever experienced a tight headscissors will know!  Dozer sportingly gives him a moment to get his composure back, his generosity and sportsmanship repaid with a low blow from Joey!  An incensed King rains down on Dozer with stomps and headbutts, then a wicked claw hold has the bodybuilder in agony!  Dragging Dozer up, Joey drapes his legs either side of the corner, exposing a prime target – Joey’s penalty kick doesn’t miss and Dozer collapses to the floor!  The big man accuses Joey of cheap moves.  “Cheap?  You ain’t wearin’ a belt buddy, ain’t nothin’ to be below!”  As if to prove his point, he turns Dozer and drives his heel into the muscle man’s crotch, grinding hard!  In desperation, Dozer trips Joey up and catches him in yet another scissors hold, this time coupled with an arm bar!  King doesn’t submit though and manages to reverse, pulling Dozer’s head up and back.  A clearly frustrated King starts wailing on Dozer with punches, kicks, stomps, chokes.  Still not enough for a submission though!

A perfectly executed camel clutch has one wrestler tapping out, but that’s not the end, oh no.  THREE low blows and a SHARPSHOOTER lead to one of the wrestlers proclaiming “You will respect me – this is my house!”  A brutal finish to a brutal match!