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Dozer vs Lex - Custom Video Series 17

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Fans of big Dozer wont want to miss this amazingly hot video. Dozers magnificent muscle is really on display as he uses his power to completely dominate the much smaller Lex, humiliating the little guy with almost non-stop, cocky trash talk. When the video starts, Dozer already has his massive thighs clamped around Lexs head. As Lexs head turns red from the pressure of Dozers powerful legs, Dozer tells him Same my name Lex. Not getting out of this one. Then he rolls over with Lex still locked in the scissors and puts Lex in a sleeper. Enjoying his total control of the little guy, Dozer tells Lex Keep squirming. Aint gonna do you no good as Lex pathetically tries to escape the powerful grip of big beefy Dozer. Dozer says Im the beast around here. Dozer lets dazed Lex up telling him hes not done yet. As soon as they get to their feet, Dozer puts Lex in a belly to belly bear hug and squeezes the life out of him, again telling him to say his name. When Dozer throws Lex to the mat, you can tell from the look on Lexs face that he is totally dazed from Dozers physical abuse. After a few more bear hugs, Dozer starts to really humiliate the little guy by slamming his pace into Dozers big beefy pec four or five times, telling him to Feel that pec. Then Dozer gives Lex a punch to the gut, puts him in a side headlock, throws him down and puts him in another head scissors. Feel the pain Dozer says with a grin. Dozers humiliating domination of Lex continues as Dozer puts Lex in another head scissors, but this time while Dozer is laying on Lex, belly to belly, so Lexs face is about an inch from Dozers big beefy glutes. When Dozer finally lets Lex out of the painful and humiliating hold, he laughs and struts around the mat looking down at Lex. Looking to humiliate Lex some more, he drags Lex to his feet and rubs his face in Dozers abs, saying Feel the steel. Then he puts Lex out with a sleeper and does some flexing right over the unconscious Lex, putting all that incredible muscle on display. Poor Lex thought he could hang. Dozer laughs. Then he says Maybe this will wake him up and he pulls off Lexs shorts, leaving him in his underwear. Then big Dozer lays on Lex and puts his big meaty pecs right in the little guys face, while flexing his huge bicep. Say my name. He tells the dazed Lex. Then the muscle beast locks on a sleeper and wraps his huge legs around Lex, practically crushing the little guy with his power. He whispers in Lexs ear I own you Lex. Its Dozer. Youre gonna see me in your dreams. Youre mine. This totally hot domination of Lex continues with more head scissors and bear hugs, hot trash talk and Lex having his face rubbed in Dozers muscular body. Dozer does lots of flexing during momentary breaks from his total domination of Lex. But the final move of the video is probably the hottest and most humiliating for poor Lex. After another brutal head scissors, with Lexs, face shoved into Dozers glutes, Big Dozer stands over Lex, with one foot on either side of him and says Here it comes Lex. Then the big muscleman sits it Lexs chest, with his legs extended, so all the weight of Dozers big muscular body is pressing down on the little guy. How does that feel? Dozer laughs. Then Dozer pulls Lexs head up, locks it between his massive thighs and squeezes so hard that Dozer groans with the strain. Then he again grabs the back of Lexs head and shoves in deeper in between his huge legs over and over, so Lex cant even breathe. With Lex completely unconscious, the massive Dozer stands over him and gives a final round of flexing with his magnificently muscled body. Just a smoking hot video.