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Dozer Lupe flex flexing pose arms chest pecs abs muscle worship showoff Thunders Arena

Dozer vs Lupe - Rough & Ready 55

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Dozer is flexing his incredible thickly muscled body, admiring his real muscle. He tells the fans he is about to wrestle some little boy named Lupe, when the six foot four inch pro wrestler walks on to the mat. Confident despite Dozers superior muscle size, Lupe tells the big man hes not going to try to outmuscle him. When they lock up, Dozers power is on display right away as he lifts Lupe into an over the shoulder carry and then throws him down. But Lupe strikes back with a couple of knee shots to Dozers gut and a forearm smash. When they lock up again, Lupe gets behind Dozer with his quickness. But it goes nowhere as Dozer gets Lupe in a side headlock while flexing his free arm to show off his brute strength. Lupe again uses the power in his long legs to deliver some punishing knee shots to Dozer, dropping the bodybuilder to the mat. When Dozer tries to get up, Lupe straddles him and drops his butt right into the big mans back. After they break, Dozer gets control of Lupe on the mat with another powerful headlock. Lupe escapes with a grab to Dozers face, which Dozer calls a dirty grab. Like the pro that he is, Lupe presses his advantage and puts Dozer in an abdominal stretch, which he follows with some elbow shots to Dozers ribs. With the big bodybuilder in pain, Lupe sits on him and does a bit of flexing to show off. When Dozer tries to get up, he gets another dose of punishment from the tall pro wrestler, with a knee to the chest, an elbow drop onto Dozers extended arm and a knee to the ribs while Dozer is lying face down on the mat. After pulling Dozers huge arms behind his back and a few elbow drops to the ribs, Lupe goes for a pin, but only gets a two count before Dozer powers out. When they get to their feet, Dozer grudgingly admits that Lupe has some skills. Then he demonstrates his amazing power by putting Lupe in a two handed choke lift, bragging about his own strength as he carries Lupe around. After dropping Lupe on his back, the big muscle beast puts him in a school boy pin, with Lupes face wedged deep between Dozers tree trunk thighs. Up close and personal, thats how we like it Dozer says as he flexes his huge guns over the pro wrestler trapped under him in the humiliating pin. Lupe shows his own power by arching his back to throw the 240 pound Dozer off his chest. Lupe invites the big man to lock up, and then kicks him when he tries. After a few more kicks and knee shot shots, Lupe flips Dozer to the mat and plants a foot on his huge chest for some posing. When Dozer gets up, Lupe stalks him around the mat, then strikes by picking the big man up. Lupe mocks big Dozers earlier cockiness by asking him Whos the little guy now? Then he drops Dozers big powerful body over his knee and to the mat. The domination of the big bodybuilder continues as Lupe picks him up again and slams him to the mat. With Dozer face down on the mat, Lupe grabs one of Dozers thick legs in a hold. But Dozer just powers out saying Im getting up son and muscles his way to his feet, breaking Lupes hold. Then Dozer drags Lupe by the leg to the middle of the mat, sits on his back and punishes him with a head lock and a brutal backward arm stretch. With Lupe in pain, Dozer says it is Time to end this. But while Dozer is flexing, Lupe gets in a dirty shot from behind, then tries to put Dozer in a leg and arm lock. But Dozer kicks out, puts Lupe in an over the shoulder carry and does a bit a flexing before dropping Lupe to the mat. As big Dozer drags Lupe by the leg, Lupe pleads Easy, buddy. With Lupe sitting, Dozer puts him into a sleeper, followed by another school boy pin. Lupe manages to twist free, but finally taps out when big Dozer puts the tall pro wrestler in a vice like sleeper. As Dozer flexes to celebrate his victory, the big, sexy, bodybuilder brags This is Dozers ring.