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Dozer Marco Wrestling grappling Thunders Arena bed Bodyscissors chokehold choking

Dozer vs Marco - Rough & Ready 52

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Big bodybuilder Dozer is looking for an opponent to humiliate with the power in thickly muscled body. Wearing a super tight pair of bright blue trunks, he struts into the bedroom where tough guy Marco is chilling out on the bed, wearing a pair of black sweats. Despite his smaller size, Marcos impressive mat skills, merciless attitude and lean muscular body make him a formidable competitor on the mat. Seeing much smaller Marco as easy prey, smiling Dozer asks Whats up little guy? I was told there was match. But Marco is totally unfazed by Marcos massive size. He tells the big guy he would have no chance against Marco in a wrestling match, because hes too fluffed up and might pull a muscle. Dozer has enough of the cocky little wise guy and says Come here, puny pulling off Marcos sweat pants and shirt, leaving him in a pair of yellow bikini briefs. Marco uses his grappling skills he wrestles with the big muscle man, taunting him as he does so. Dozer uses his overwhelming power to get on Marcos back and put him into a vice like headlock. Enjoying his punishment of the little guy, Dozer asks him if hes had enough. Saying Im not done with you yet, Dozer pulls Marcos head over the edge of the bed and puts it in a scissors between his massive thighs. Smiling and flexing his big guns while he crushes Marcos head with his powerful legs, Dozer says Yeah, thats a Dozer Scissors. Laughing at the Marcos efforts to escape, Dozer says Hes still squirming and asks Marco over and over if he is going to give. After finally releasing Marcos head, Dozer laughingly asks why he didnt give. Dazed Marco says I couldnt hear with those big tree trunks in the way. Marcos retaliates with a quick take down, putting Dozer in a humiliating school boy pin. Dozer uses his power to throw Marco off, but Marco manages to put the big bull in a full nelson. Dozer powers out of the hold, looking like the Incredible Hulk as his muscles strain, and retaliates with a belly to belly bear hug followed by a side headlock. Marco continues with the wisecracks, asking Dozer what doctor did his implants and if he likes smelly armpits when he puts his pit in Dozers face. He even smacks Dozers big glutes. But when Dozer gets the smaller wrestler into a neck scissors with his massive legs, all Marco can say is Cant breathe. Marcos skills are on display as he locks huge Dozer into a painful Boston Crab. When Dozer refuses to give, Marco focuses the hold on one of the big mans knees until the pain is so unbearable that powerful Dozer has to submit. Although Dozer quickly gets on top of Marco when they lock up again, Marco brutally exploits the damage he has already done to the big bodybuilders knee, methodically inflicting more damage and pain. Dozer tries to use his power to dominate the smaller wrestler, putting him in a bear hug and an over the knee backbreaker. But when he attempts an over the shoulder carry of the smaller guy, his injured knee gives out. Marco attempts a pin by laying across Dozers shoulders, but Dozer displays his power, pressing Marco five or six times, calling Marco puny. Looking for another way to overcome Dozers advantage in size and power, clever Marco stands on a chair near the bed, giving him a hard surface so he can jump into the air and land on Dozers injured knee. As Dozer screams in pain, merciless Marco flexes his bicep right in the big mans face and says Not so strong now, huh? With Dozer screaming No Marco jumps off the chair for another smash on Dozers knee. Marco toys with the agonized big man as he continues to work on his injured knee. Enraged Dozer rallies by lifting Marco in a two handed choke, calling him scrawny before throwing him down. But when Dozer offers Marco a hand up, Marco drops him to the mat in pain with a dirty punch between Dozers huge legs. Knowing he has the big muscle beast at his mercy, Marco locks Dozer in a sleeper and gently tells the big man to go to sleep. When Dozer passes out, the victorious wrestler covers him with a blanket, flexes over the big bodybuilder and says Sweet dreams.