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Dozer Specimen choke lift carry back arms

Dozer vs Specimen - Custom Video Series 32

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Two of Thunders most massive bodybuilders square off in this epic new match. It’s been awhile since Dozer and Specimen have wrestled each other, and Specimen is busy pumping up his muscles poolside before the match. Dozer takes notice of Specimen pumping his weights, 150 lbs!! Dozer’s mighty impressed with how easily Specimen is curling the massive weights, and wants a turn for himself. Dozer takes his turn to pump his muscles, and by the end both guys have massive veins popping through biceps. Once they’ve gotten their muscles huge and pumping, Specimen flat out calls Dozer a pussy. Dozer’s hurt, and he says the only way to prove he’s not is to have a flex off, show that he’s the more ripped of the two. Once on the mat, they take turns flexing and admiring each other as they hit all their best poses. They’re both ripped and Dozer has the good idea to see who can bounce their pecs for the longest, that would surely prove the stronger of the two. While Dozer’s taking his turn bouncing his pecs, Specimen attacks! In all their moves, each guy is trying to outdo the other one. While Dozer’s got Specimen tied up in a headlock, he’s using his free arm to flex his bicep and shove it in Specimens face. Specimen tackles Dozer down and mounts him, only to flex his abs and make Dozer feel how ripped he is. In order to outdo the other, they even start to flex while getting the move put on them! Dozer’s got Specimen tight in a full nelson, and Specimen takes the chance to show off his body and flex shoulders to break Dozer’s hold. Dozer doesn’t budge a bit, so he starts to bump Dozer with his massive rear to break his hold. After going like this for awhile, Specimen starts to get actually pissed and decides he’s not going to prove that he’s better than Dozer until Dozer’s crying on the mat in pain. How intense does Specimen have to get to overpower the massive Dozer? Or will Dozer be the one walking away the stronger man by the end of this fight of the juggernauts?