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Dozer vs Tak and Chase - Mat Rats 43

Dozer vs Tak and Chase - Mat Rats 43

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Tak secretly enlists Chase's help to make sure he can defeat the big guy, Dozer.
We see Dozer, on the mat, posing and flexing, showing off his huge arms and massive chest when all of a sudden Tak pops up behind him. Tak mocks and mimes behind Dozer's back as the beefy Dozer continues. Tak finally makes himself known and ridicules Dozer in his patented smart ass style. After a bit of comparison flexing and posing and a lot of trash talk, the two tie up in a classic big vs little battle. Take manages to take Dozer to the mat and gets him in a body scissors, but the big man laughs and stands up with Taks still wrapped around his abdomen. Dozer laughs and poses, flexing his huge biceps before slamming Tak back to the mat and chocking him with a headlock. Dozer pushes Tak to the side and while he continues to pose and show off his size, Tak attempts to come between Dozer's leg and standup, but Dozer is just too heavy and quickly exploits the situation by trapping Tak in a head scissors. The little guy with the big mouth manahes to trip Dozer who goes don like a ton of bricks as Tak calls for his secret back up plan, Chase who rushes onto the mat for a brutal attack on Dozer. Tak and Chase are relentless in their assault on Dozer until he sees an opportunity and grabs them both in a choke and slams them up against the wall, taking turns gut punching each of them. Will the two little guys have it what it takes to beat their big foe? Watch and see.