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Dozer Uno sleeperhold submission submit Thunders Arena

Dozer vs Uno - Bodybuilder Battle 33

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Uno is back and this time he's taking on newcomer Dozer. They start out trash talking each other while taking turns flexing for the camera. They trade bearhugs, then after some more flexing and posing, Uno follows it up by putting Dozer in a reverse bearhug. Uno throws Dozer down on the mat where they wrestle around trying to pin each other. Dozer starts trash talking Uno again, only to get a surprise attack. They wrestle around on the mat, with Uno dominating Dozer until Dozer grabs Uno's leg, bending it backwards. Uno starts punching Dozer to make him let go. Now they really go at each other using every move they can think of. Dozer grabs Uno in a reverse bearhug, then gets him in a sleeper hold. Down on the mat again, Dozer gets Uno in a painful armbar, but Uno comes back with a body scissor that he uses to hold Dozer still while he puts him into a full nelson. Uno manages to get Dozer in a sleeper hold that makes you think the match is over, but Dozer isn't done and jumps up and grabs Uno in a bearhug. These two don't let up on each other right up to the end.