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Dozer vs Vein - Bodybuilder Battle 79

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

With the arrival of the aptly named, VEIN - he of vascular muscularity and hunkmodel goodlooks - the domain of dominant, dazzling muscle bull DOZER is clearly threatened. One would be foolish to mistake DOZER's flashing smile for anything less than a secret weapon, intended to decieve rivals, or admirers, into thinking he's a huge but harmless meathead. One look at his massively thick physique should convince you that this beast means business! The combattants meet, DOZER wearing tiny patterned posers and VEIN in sexy underwear - both men flaunting all they've got, and so they engage in some competitive posing and flexing. VEIN looks like he could be a competitive bodybuilder, but with that forelock, he might be twin brother to Disney's equally arrogant and narcissistic GASTON. There's much comparing of biceps, and you can't help but admire VEIN's impressive lats, delts and terrific V-tapered torso. DOZER is content with his Alpha status, bringing his pumped and hugely admired beefiness to the posedown. The air is filled with testosterone and the distinct aroma of rampant Ego - and the wily DOZER wears VEIN out abit with all the strenuous flexing. VEIN is so distracted by his own physique, he fails to notice that DOZER is amping up for the collar and elbow tie up.DOZER grabs VEIN's big leg, then quickly maneuvers him into a headlock when he tries for an escape. In a quick reversal, VEIN takes DOZER down and tries to pin his huge arms to the mat, even attempting a camel clutch on DOZER. With VEIN riding DOZER's massive back, DOZER wisely uses a sit-out escape...he's just too thick for VEIN to control.DOZER gets VEIN's leg and takes him down to the mat, and enforcing his dominance, climbs on top of VEIN. When he relents, VEIN rises, assessing the damage.DOZER then gets VEIN in a front Bear Hug, but VEIN counters, working on DOZER's neck and resorting to a Cheap Shot on DOZER, who nurses his aching crotch and neck. VEIN takes advantage of this situation to wrap his huge bicep around DOZER's throat and attempt to choke out the brutal beast. But DOZER flips VEIN over his shoulder and onto his back on the mat. Climbing on top of VEIN, DOZER enjoys a Schoolboy Pin, flexing over the fallen bodybuilder who writhes in an attempt to escape the humiliation. DOZER adds insult to injury with a crashing forearm to VEIN's pumped pecs, and VEIN responds by throwing DOZER off, and climbing onto his back, again attempting a Camel Clutch. DOZER struggles out, rolls onto his back and then right back on top of VEIN. With a series of gutbashing blows to VEIN's rippling abs, DOZER once again establishes his dominance...while VEIN struggles and suffers. Perhaps he underestimated DOZER...a foolish mistake for the impressive new recruit. "Pride cometh before a fall"....DOZER takes advantage of VEIN's weakened state but applying a powerful headlock, but a few crashing elbows from VEIN to DOZER's armored midsection, and then another low blow, forces DOZER to release his desperate rival. VEIN crushes DOZER's chest with his foot, then works on DOZER's hamstring, finally forcing DOZER into a torturous crotch-split. DOZER digs deep and struggles out onto his stomach, but VEIN is unrelenting, working on DOZER's legs and lower back. He works DOZER into a Boston Crab, and tells DOZER to tap out. When the beast refuses, VEIN sits down into the crab and punishes DOZER's lower back. The beast howls in pain and finally shouts "I give" to end his suffering.Now it's VEIN's turn to capitalize on his advantage, and he gets DOZER to his feet, but DOZER counters and in an incredible display of power, racks VEIN onto his massive shoulders! DOZER drives VEIN down to the mat onto his back, delivers a few crushing forearms to VEIN's chest and triumphantly mounts VEIN in another Schoolboy Pin, flexing and posing in victory.DOZER knows how to make the most of his superiority, and traps VEIN's head between his gigantic quads. As VEIN howls and kicks in agony, DOZER applies more pressure to his arrogant opponent's aching head, now flushed red and ready to explode. VEIN soon taps out, but DOZER won't relent until he hears the satisfying sound of VEIN's muffled groaning sobs. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, VEIN slowly gets to his feet and tries to catch his breath and get his bearings. Surprisingly, he manages to get DOZER's head between his massive thighs and drives him down to the mat. DOZER's struggles only get into more trouble, with his head caught between VEIN's diamond calves. Choking DOZER in revenge, VEIN applies more pressure, until DOZER finally muscles out of the punishing predicament. In pained fury, DOZER grabs VEIN's legs, drops him onto his back and splits VEIN wide in a wicked Wishbone...only releasing him when VEIN has suffered to his sadistic satisfaction.This match is tremendously satisfying, with many exciting episodes blending into a series of Rounds, with little victories and losses along the way. VEIN impresses with his resilience, and his superb physique and goodlooks, while DOZER never disappoints in his power moves, skills and brutal muscularity- not to mention his disarming, deceptive smile.Once again the guys go at it- VEIN rises, nursing an aching hamstring.DOZER is remarkably resilient as always...and the two engage in yet another bicep posedown. VEIN sees this as his opportunity, and gets DOZER in a headlock But the beast "hulks out" and gets free, there is a reversal, with VEIN taunting DOZER - wise move? Another reversal finds DOZER tied up by VEIN...and it seems like the relentless "back and forth" of this match may be wearing down both of these gladiators. Another posedown stokes the egos of both wrestlers, complete with pec bounce... Who will emerge triumphant in this brutal Battle of the Bodies? Will the beasty DOZER be able to hold onto his champion status, or will the impressive but over-confident VEIN manage a surprising win over his massive and more experienced rival?