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Dozer Wolf sleeper hold submission sleeperhold choke arms sleep

Dozer vs Wolf - Rough & Ready 75

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Dozer steps onto the mat and begins accusing Wolf of stealing his trunks. He says that they were sent in by a fan, specifically for him. Wolf taunts him, "Come and get 'em." Dozer makes his move, hoisting Wolf onto his shoulder's into a fireman's carry before throwing him to the mat. Wolf goes on the offensive and jumps on Dozer's back, attempting to choke him out with a sleeper. But the big man is un-phased and stands up, flexing his massive arms, showing off for the camera. Dozer brings Wolf back down to the mat and sits on his chest flexing and posing as he inches back towards Wolf's face. Wolf yells out, "get your ass out of my face!" and Dozer relents. Back on their feet, Wolf knees Dozer in the abs a few times before they tie up and grapple for a bit. Dozer slips in behind Wolf and takes him to his knees with a sleeper before toppling over and Wolf scrambles for an attempt at a pin. When the pin fails, Wolf goes for a Boston Crab, then a figure four, pressing Dozer's face into the mat as he cranks on his legs. Dozer escapes and attacks Wolf with a choke and then another sleeper, while he flexes and tells Wolf, "this is too easy". Once Wolf regains his footing, he hip tosses Dozer, who recovers and gets Wolf on the mat in a schoolboy pin while once again, flexing and showing off his massive body. Wolf yells out, "get your balls out of my face", but Dozer just sits there, smiling and flexing. Dozer drags Wolf back to his feet and fireman's him again before both topple to the mat where Wolf wraps his long legs around Dozer's thick midsection in a body scissor. Dozer breaks free and puts Wolf in a head scissors. Back on their feet, Dozer bearhugs Wolf, but loses his footing and crashes back to the mat. Wolf capitalizes on Dozer's mistake and goes for a camel clutch followed by an ab stretch before Dozer regains control and bear hugs Wolf, squeezing the air from his lungs and threatening to crack ribs. Dozer pushes Wolf to the ground and puts him in a bow and arrow, pulling the joints of his leg and arm. The bow and arrow gives way to a surfboard and then Dozer goes in for a sleeper, Wolf struggles for air, on the edge of blacking out. To see if he escapes, buy the full match now.