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Dozer bodybuilder flex bicep muscle worship big pecs abs

Frey vs Viggo vs Dozer - Ring Wars 11

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Frey is relaxing back against ropes in the ring, watching Viggo and Dozer trash talk each other. Frey’s wrestled in the ring a time or two, but the other guys are noobies. Frey is rubbing it in their faces, being cocky and sure he’s going to win against these guys. The three of them get into a flex off trying to intimidate one another. These guys are looking absolutely ripped. Bodybuilding competition season is coming up and everyone has trimmed down their muscles to be cut as possible. This flex off is full of veins and shredded muscle. It’s hard to tell who’s got the biggest advantage. Frey has had enough of the muscles, and starts shoving the other two guys around. The three start getting a little more aggressive, but no one forgets to out flex the others. Frey gets Dozer into a crushing bearhug, showing him his muscles aren’t just big, they’re strong too. Frey passes Dozer off onto Viggo, who gets a chance to show his strength as well. As Viggo is crushing Dozer in his arms, Dozer takes the chance to wrench his arm free and start flexing at Frey, who in his free time is posing for the camera. After getting free, Dozer attacks Frey, flipping him over his back, he’s going in for a camel clutch when Viggo comes behind him to put him into a head lock! Frey and Viggo are just taking turns double teaming Dozer, with strong kicks and punches to his abs. Dozer isn’t impressed, he gets right back up and starts flexing some more, showing them they can’t hurt him through his thick muscles. Viggo goes for Dozer, and gets him into head scissors, as he’s about to start crushing Dozers head, Frey comes in behind him and get Viggo into a head scissors as well! All 3 guys are laying on the mat in a head scissors train, Viggo’s struggling in pain, Frey is the only one with his head free, and he’s flexing. Dozer tries flexing through his pain as well, but Frey whips himself around and starts pulling at his arms, stretching his shoulders in a way they shouldn’t be stretched! Viggo and Dozer are now both pissed with Frey, and they pick him up into a two man bearhug! Frey’s squirming in their arms and screaming as they continue crushing him harder and harder. Dozer’s been tag teamed, Frey’s been tag teamed, now they decide it’s Viggo’s turn. They throw him against the corner of the mat and take turns slamming his abs. Viggo’s laying on the ground in pain while Dozer’s flexing his victory poses, but Frey’s on no mans side! He attacks Dozer from behind and throws him against the opposite corner. He’s busy slamming against Dozer’s abs when Viggo recovers enough to get in some punches against Dozer as well. Dozer breaks free, knocks down Frey, and puts Viggo into a painful full nelson. Viggo’s screaming, he tries flexing out of it a few times before calling for help from Frey. Frey’s ready to put an end to it, so he comes from behind and slams the both of them into the other corner of the mat! Viggo’s stuck at the other end being crushed by the weight of both Frey and Dozer, he just about passes out from all the mass! Frey pulls Dozer back and body slams him onto the mat. Both Dozer and Viggo are catching their breath in the ring while Frey stands on the ropes and starts giving his victory poses. Viggo takes the chance while Dozer’s distracted with Frey to put him into a camel clutch. Dozer’s grunting trying to flex his neck out of the hold, Viggo’s got him down tight though, so he tries another approach, he uses his massive quads to stand up and throw Viggo over him! This is match of three evenly matched, very muscular wrestlers going all out against each other! No one’s taking sides, no one’s catching a break. Screaming, pain, torture, and tons of muscle in this new ring match. Who’s going to come out on top?