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Zman Dozer choke lift carry back arms

Zman vs Dozer - Mat Wars 56

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

This is a brutal match of intense domination, full of power lifts and flexing. Two long time Thunder’s wrestlers, Dozer and Zman, realize that they’ve not once ever wrestled each other. Bodybuilding Dozer is not impressed with the smaller Zman and starts flexing his huge muscles to intimidate him. Zman’s the master of trash talking and doesn’t let Dozer intimidate him at all. Dozer begins by showing off his raw strength, he throws Zman over his shoulder into a fireman’s carry and squats him, making his massive quads bulge.  He likes messing around with the little guy and starts to to put him into a number of choke holds. Dozer keeps on flexing and asks where Zman’s trash talking mouth is now that he can’t breathe. Dozer’s heard how much Zman likes to flex and show off his perfectly chiseled body in his other matches, and he’s disappointed how little muscle flexing he’s seen. Taking the out of breath and exhausted Zman’s body he plays around with his arms trying to see him flex. Dozer flexes over him, his muscles are huge and he wants to show the tired Zman how much bigger he is. Not to disappoint, Zman starts to catch his breath and his smart ass mouth starts trash talking right away. Zman isn’t scared of Dozer’s huge muscles, and that pisses Dozer off! The only way to make him scared is to make him scream in pain. Dozer starts to dominate Zman with his brutal power, picking him up and throwing him around. When Zman still doesn’t shut up, Dozer is ready to put an end to it! Dozer picks Zman up and puts him into the most intense pile driver ever!! He slams Zman’s head to the ground and Zman is knocked completely out! Dozer starts flexing over him basking in the glory of his win, but he decides he’s just getting warmed up, he isn’t ready for the match to be over just yet. He wakes Zman up and is excited to keep the pain coming. He puts Zman into a number of painful over the shoulder racks stretching Zman as far as he’ll go. Zman’s exhausted and in a ton of pain, but he manages to keep on fighting. Dozer wants to knock all that fight out of him and starts slamming him hard into the ground. Knocking all of the air out of him until he can barely breathe. With no rest, Dozer goes for the kill and starts slamming Zman’s nuts on his knee. Zman’s in so much pain he barely stand, so Dozer helps out and picks him up into a crushing bearhug. How long will Zman be able to withstand Dozer’s intense attacks before he passes out? Purchase today to see how it all comes to an end.