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Dom9 vs Baby Herc - No Holds Barred 249

$ 30.06
$ 34.95

#2 Best Seller March 2024

Dom9 and  Baby Herc have no hesitation to get up right up in each other's face! Dom drops down and slams Herc with a hard low blow. Herc stumbles and Dom wraps him up in a bearhug. Herc gets a surge of energy and flips Dom to the mat and locks in a standing headscissors. Dom is coming at Herc in his slow and methodical style and Herc is caught off guard! But Herc knows how to fight back dirty now too. Herc takes command of the match slamming Dom and planting a foot squarely on his chest as he flexes! When Dom goes back to distracting techniques Herc is not distracted and wraps his hands around Dom's throat! Dom slams his body on top of Herc making him let go!

Herc and Dom meet in the middle of the mat and suction pumped muscles together in a chest to chest bearhug! Dom throws Herc to the mat and the bodybuilders exchange heated muscle worship and teasing! The action moves to the feet and hard slams against the wall leak into BRUTAL gut punching! Herc turns the tables and uses a distraction to wrap Dom up in a brutal full nelson! Herc lifts Dom over his shoulders and bounces him around until finally slamming him over his knee!

Herc has full control of the match as Dom tries to find an opportunity to get an advantage. But Dom is taking a lot of damage from Herc over the course of the match. A unique ending sees on wrestler given the loser's treatment! Download Today and find out how it all goes down!