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Reggie vs Meaty - Bodybuilder Battle 203

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

#1 BEST SELLER April 2024

When Reggie is messing with Meaty's nipples off camera an impromptu match begins. The action starts with Reggie locked in a TIGHT full nelson with the camera close up on juicy, hairy pecs! Meaty's constant trash talking breaks through Reggie's painful grunts. Meaty has a unrelenting grip on Reggie's muscles as he drains Reggie of every ounce of fight he has! Brutal bearhugs, deep sleepers, and intense submissions are Meaty's weapons of choice as he smothers Reggie on the mat! Meaty flexes in victory and Reggie takes a chance to fight dirty. A double nipple twist on makes Meaty angry. He slams his hands over Reggie's balls and grips hard! With Reggie in pain on the mat, Meaty slams his fists into Reggie's steel abs. 

An erratic knee flies up and slams Meaty in the face just as Reggie is fading. Meaty flies across the mat and Reggie begins torturing Meaty's nipples again. Reggie takes control with a painful camel clutch yanking on Meaty's back and neck. Taking it even further, Reggie begins choking Meaty and making him muscle worship him while pinned to the mat. Meaty starts to go unconscious when Reggie locks in a torturous back breaker slowly bending his opponent more and more until Meaty passes out from the pain! Meaty springs up and Reggie is caught off guard! Didn't Meaty pass out? 

Meaty yanks Reggie into a side headlock and refuses to let go. Reggie is losing steam quickly and Meaty gets cocky. He pins Reggie down and starts to bite his nipples over and over as Reggie begs him to stop. The playful torture quickly turns into a sinister plan that Reggie will NOT like. Watch now and see just how nasty Meaty can get!