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Tak vs Hartley - Rough & Ready 48

$ 31.25

TAK greets newcomer Hartley with his usual wise guy attitude, showing little respect for Hartleys 64 225 lb size. Unfortunately for TAK, he is about to learn that the new guy is not only big, but he is brutal and merciless on the mat. Hartley suggests that they do some stretching before the match. When TAK is bending over to touch his toes, Hartley kicks the little guy right in the ribs with his long, powerful leg. TAK complains about the cheap shot, but Hartley doesnt care, shamelessly telling TAK Yeah, Im a dick, dude. While TAK is still recovering, Hartley puts him into a series of painful stretches, including a pretzel stretch and a form of a figure four that leave TAK in agony. Although the moves are borderline torture, Hartley talks to TAK like a friendly coach, asking him how it feels and telling him he is doing a good job. TAK can barely stand after the brutal punishment, but gamely says he is ready to wrestle the big guy. Hartley says they are going to do real wrestling and tells TAK to take the bottom position to start. TAK asks the big man to show him how and then lands a cheap shot elbow smash to the back of Hartleys head, followed by a full nelson and a belly to back bear hug on the 6 4 bully. But TAKs advantage doesnt last long as Hartley flips TAK to the mat like he is a play toy. Hartley takes total control, telling TAK This is how we do it. The lesson continues as Hartley puts TAK in an excruciating backbreaker, a hold which Hartley describes as one of his personal favorites. TAK begs the brutal big man to stop, but Hartley makes him say I give before he releases the agonizing hold. Hartley asks TAK if he is now ready to really wrestle and offers a handshake before they start. TAK foolishly tries to take advantage by pulling the much heavier 225 lb Hartley to the mat. The trick backfires and Hartley quickly has TAK down on the mat with his foot on TAKs throat, a move Hartleys says is technically illegal. When TAK appears to pass out, the reckless bully takes his foot of the little guys throat joking that it is frowned upon to kill a guy on the wrestling mat. Harley punishes TAK with a side headlock and leg scissors, smiling as he enjoys his total domination of the handsome little wise guy. With TAK reeling from the beating and virtually at the mercy of the brutal big man, Hartley piles on the humiliation by telling TAK his new name is Butterfly. Then Hartley once again plays the coach role, offering to turn TAK into a good wrestler. But its just an excuse for more punishment as he puts TAK on all fours, straddles him and slams his big 225 lb body onto TAKs back. Then he pulls TAK up by the hair and does it a second time. When Hartley asks TAK if he wants it a third time, TAK says no, so Hartley puts him into a camel clutch. Now the sadistic Hartley increases TAKs humiliation, telling him that to submit he has to say Im a beautiful butterfly. The camel clutch is so powerful TAK has no choice and says he is a beautiful butterfly. Mercilessly continuing the humiliation, Hartley grabs TAK under the arms, which he calls butterfly wings and begins twirling TAK around. Then he puts TAK in a head scissors, with TAK facing Hartleys butt. Hartley knows he is on the verge of seriously injuring the little guy with the pressure from his powerful legs and he looks to see if TAK is still conscious. But this sadistic beast is only worried about TAK getting injured because he really cant have another lawsuit. When TAK tries to tap out Hartley reminds TAK that he needs to say their safe word to end the pain, making this seem more like a sado-masochistic torture session than a wrestling match. TAK is again humiliated as he obeys Hartley and says I am a beautiful butterfly. When Hartley finally releases the scissors, TAK pathetically tries to get revenge by putting Hartley in a hold, but Hartley just throws the little guy off and finishes him with a pile driver. This is must see if you enjoy wrestling domination so intense it borders on torture and sadistic humiliation.