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blayne hawk choke hold mens muscle wrestling thunders arena

Blayne vs Hawk - No Holds Barred 112

$ 25.95

There isn't much trash talk between these two today, they seem to be itching for a fight. Blayne in particular who pushes Hawk hawk seems unfazed and starts flexing, Blayne catches him off guard and scoops him over his shoulder showing off his big muscles. He parades Hawk all around the mat on his shoulder, before smashing him into the ground. He gives Hawk a pec claw on each pec, before delivering a double pec claw! Hawk struggles out of it an tosses Blayne beside him, his chest already red from the pec claws, they grapple again, Blayne wrenches Hawks arm behind his back, and gives Hawk two punches, before giving him more pec claws! Blayne notices how red Hawks chest is and tells him "you should get out in the sun more" message not well received, Hawk gets out of Blayne's grapple, and pulls him in for a full nelson! Blayne manages to muscle his way out of it by giving hawk a ball claw! "Welcome to thunders" Blayne  says with a big smile before delivering a hard blow to Hawks groin! He flexes over Hawk, while Hawk is trying to rearrange his manhood.  Hawk pops up quickly after everything, catching Blayne off guard "Back up so soon ready for more?'' See who wins in this back and forth battle.