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Reggie vs Hawk - Bodybuilder Battle 190

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Reggie 260 lbs. vs Hawk 240 lbs 

Reggie makes the first move slowly wrapping his 21 inch biceps around Hawk's thick neck and latching on. Hawk fights but Reggie smothers him in a chest to chest bearhug aggressively squeezing the air out of his opponent. Hawk decides the warm up is over and comes at Reggie! Hawk is not aggressive enough and Reggie takes him to the mat in a schoolboy pin. Reggie demands Hawk worship his muscles from the bottom. When Hawk is over being emasculated, he gets aggressive and takes Reggie down with a chicken wing. Hawk grinds Reggie into the mat cranking on his arm. Reggie moans in pain and threatens Hawk! Hawk continues the torture slamming Reggie's face into the mat and spanking him!

Both bodybuilders begin pouring sweat on the mat and sliding around on each others' muscular bodies. Reggie tosses Hawk on the mat to his hands and knees wrapping his massive legs around Hawk's head. He lifts Hawk up and smothers him in a belly to belly bearhug. Reggie wants Hawk to worship his sculpted body even more now. Hawk agrees and begins feeling every inch of Reggie.

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Hawk goes from sweaty muscle worship to wrapping Reggie's head up in a dragon sleeper! Reggie is falling asleep what happens next you don't want to miss.

Download today and find out which bodybuilder will crush the muscles he just finished worshipping...