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Stevie vs Hawk - Battlespace 149

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Stevie meets up on the mat with his newest recruit Hawk! Stevie soon realizes that Hawk is very strong and skilled on the mat. But the veteran is not going to go easy on the new guy. Hawk becomes very distracted by Stevie's muscles, as well as admiring his own! Stevie uses his experience to catch the rookie up in a full nelson, but Hawk breaks out easily flexing his chest. However, Hawk cannot keep his eyes off Stevie's muscles and continually stops to worship them. He manhandles the smaller Stevie taking everything he wants! Hawk uses leg scissors, sleeper holds, and schoolboy pins to work his opponent over. Stevie isn't going to lie down and take it and uses various counters and stretches attempt to wear Hawk down. Hawk seems unphased by the moves as he continually admires how his own muscles look while wrestling. When he decides he doesn't want to play nice anymore, Hawk picks Stevie up in a massive bearhug! After throwing him down, he flexes some more showing off his pumped up muscles for the camera. Stevie lets his ego get the best of him and pushes the bodybuilder out of the way to flex himself! But this allows Hawk to catch him off guard and take him down into a schoolboy pin. He then forces Stevie to admire his biceps and quads! He then lifts Stevie off the mat and locks in a TIGHT side headlock while still giving himself compliments about his body. Locked back up in a chest to chest bearhug, Stevie begins to lose his strength. Hawk easily controls him on the mat. The mood changes when Hawk forces Stevie into the bedroom. He stalks him, pushing him further and further until he gets him where he wants him. The match continues in the bedroom, but will Hawk get what he wants from Stevie?