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Iceman18 and Bager pinned to the mat at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Bager vs Iceman18 - Battlespace 101

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

"You must be the lost dog they call Bager" Iceman is in the mood to pick a fight today, Bager is more then happy to oblige him. He pushes Iceman, and even renames him Iceboy!  Iceman shoves Bager, they push each other around, then they grapple. Iceman puts Badger in a bear hug, he tries to muscle his way out of it but Iceman tosses him to the ground. Bager tries to trip Iceman but after some wrestling on the ground, Iceman gets Bager in an arm bar, and makes sure Bager feels it before switching to a head scissor, and flexing for the camera with Bager being crushed by his thighs. They grapple again, Iceman can't seem to get Bager where he wants him so he picks him up for an over the knee back breaker!  He pushes Bager all the way back and flexes, he tosses Badger off his knee he uses his legs to pin Bagers arms back and shows off his arms. They wrestle around on the ground until Bager gets iceman where he wants him and pins his arm and leg, but it doesn't last long Iceman muscles his way out of it, see if Bager can prove himself or if experience at thunders wins!