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Blayne vs Iceman18 - Custom Video Series 67

Blayne vs Iceman18 - Custom Video Series 67

$ 25.95

Iceman18 starts things off by kissing his biceps while he flexes and shows off for the camera. We all know he used to be a Magic Mike dancer so he perform some of his dance moves! Blayne arrives while Iceman is putting on a show and tries to get in on the act, hogging the camera as much as he can. Blayne gets in the way of Iceman and tries to show off his own muscles, but Iceman doesn't take Blayne too seriously as competition. He gives Blayne a chance to show what he's got and stands to the side while Blayne tries to flex and dance. Blayne kisses his biceps like Iceman, but Iceman mocks him for it and heckles him until Blayne gets annoyed and tells Iceman to do better if he can. Iceman gladly shows him how it's done, outflexing Blayne and taunting him by kissing his biceps right in front of Blayne's face. Blayne gets flustered and asks if Iceman keeps kissing himself so much because nobody else would want to? Iceman thinks that if Blayne looked half as good as him, he'd want to kiss his muscles all the time too. Blayne disagrees that Iceman looks better than him, claiming Iceman's muscles are all for show and he's not actually strong at all. Iceman lets him see for himself, flexing while he encourages Blayne to feel his body and see how strong his muscles really are. Blayne feels Iceman's body and acts unimpressed, trying to pinch any fat on him and telling him his armpits stink. Iceman remains cocky despite the insults and assumes Blayne is just jealous of him. He goes back to kissing his biceps which annoys Blayne, making him punish Iceman's cockiness with low blows/grabs, pec squeezes, nipple twists, ab punches/claws, and targeting Iceman's biceps so he won't want to kiss them anymore. But Iceman recovers and overpowers Blayne, lifting him over his shoulder so he can flex with his free arm before dumping Blayne on the floor. Iceman pins Blayne down with his foot on Blayne's chest to hold him in place while he flexes and kisses his biceps some more, annoying Blayne that he just won't stop kissing them. Blayne struggles to get out from under Iceman and yells at him to take his smelly foot off of him, but this only encourage Iceman to sit on Blayne instead, getting him in a schoolboy pin while Iceman continues to flex and show off.
With Blayne pinned, Iceman taunts him by flexing his biceps in front of Blayne's face and asks if he wants to kiss them now? Blayne is defiant and insults Iceman, who tries to shut Blayne up with one-armed sleepers, an over the knee backbreaker, and some low blows of his own. Iceman keeps flexing and kissing his biceps as often as he can while he beats up Blayne, and his annoying cockiness makes Blayne angry enough that he refuses to give in. Iceman notices he has worked up a sweat from manhandling Blayne so mops his armpits with Blayne's face. Blayne is disgusted but Iceman gives him the choice of more pit stops or kissing Iceman's biceps now. Blayne still refuses to admit defeat and surprises Iceman with a pit stop of his own, but Iceman quickly makes him pay by burying Blayne's face in his armpits again. Iceman pins Blayne down, holding his wrists down at first but then flexing in his face again. Blayne is less vocal now but still weakly avoids kissing Iceman's muscles. Iceman can see that Blayne is nearly helpless so decides to have fun with him, saying that Blayne is so pathetic he doesn't actually deserve to kiss Iceman's muscles. Instead, Iceman wants him to kiss his feet. Blayne is horrified at the thought and tries to crawl away but Iceman grabs his legs and drags him back. He traps Blayne in a leg lock to hold him still then moves his feet down to Blayne's face, trying to force him to kiss them. Blayne begs for mercy, telling Iceman to let him go and promises that he will kiss Iceman's muscles if he gets his smelly feet out of his face, but Iceman is having too much fun to listen. However, his cockiness costs him when Blayne manages to grab Iceman's feet and starts trying to break his toes and snap his ankles. Iceman tries to get free but he is tangled up with Blayne, and Blayne is able to shove his feet into Iceman's face as payback for what Iceman has tried to do to him. Iceman is forced to cry out that he submits before Blayne will let him go.
Iceman sits on the floor in disbelief over what just happened, making excuses and claiming that Blayne didn't really just beat him. But Blayne makes fun of him and mocks Iceman by kissing his biceps like Iceman's been kissing his. This gets Iceman mad and he attacks, choking Blayne and lifting him in the air. Iceman tosses Blayne around until Blayne looks helpless, leaving Iceman free to flex and try to regain his confidence after giving up. Just when Iceman has his cockiness back and starts kissing his muscles again, Blayne surprises him by grabbing him low and squeezing until Iceman collapses. While Iceman is recovering, Blayne wraps his arm around Iceman's neck to choke him out. Iceman struggles but can not get free, eventually falling unconscious. Blayne checks that Iceman is really out then laughs at him for losing again. He sits Iceman up and gently revives him, but while Iceman is still only half-awake Blayne lifts his arms and encourages him to flex. Iceman does it as a reflex without even being aware of what he's doing, and Blayne continues guiding his barely-conscious movements by tilting Iceman's head to his muscles so he ends up kissing them while he's still half-asleep. Blayne moves Iceman's head back and forth from one arm to the other like Iceman is his puppet. Once Iceman gets into the rhythm and starts doing it on his own, Blayne starts mocking him by copying his moves while he crouches behind him, so both of them end up sitting there kissing their biceps.
Gradually Iceman recovers enough to know where he is and what's going on, and he doesn't like what Blayne has been making him do. Iceman thinks Blayne has tried to embarrass him because Blayne is still jealous that Iceman's got a better body than him and his muscles are much stronger. Blayne doubts Iceman seriously believes that as he has just beaten Iceman and knocked him out, but agrees to prove who's stronger once and for all with a test of strength. Both men try to get pumped up with a side-by-side flex off before locking up. Although Iceman starts well, Blayne eventually gets the better of him and decisively overpowers Iceman. Iceman is shocked but Blayne is feeling victorious and celebrates by slinging Iceman over his shoulder so he can parade him around, flexing his free arm while he carries Iceman. Blayne dumps him down and poses with a foot on Iceman's chest, until Iceman manages to wriggle free. Iceman has had enough and tries to get away but Blayne isn't quite done with him yet. Blayne catches Iceman by the back of his trunks before he can escape and half-wedgies/half-drags him back. Iceman begs for mercy, pleading with Blayne to let him go and complimenting Blayne on his muscles, but after Blayne laps up the praise he finishes Iceman off with an over the knee backbreaker, low blows/grabs, and finally chokes him out. Blayne sits on Iceman and flexes in his face, asking for the last time if Iceman wants to kiss them now? Iceman actually puckers up but Blayne pushes his face away, deciding he would much rather kiss his muscles himself than let a loser like Iceman do it. Blayne poses and flexes while sitting on a defeated Iceman, giving his biceps five kisses each for a victory ten count.