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Jake Jenkins and Steel (aka Joey Sullivan)

Steel vs Jake Jenkins - Mat Rats 73

$ 31.25

#1 Bestseller July 2016

Jake Jenkins is doing push-ups on the mats, completely oblivious to the arrival of his opponent – the ripped and hulking Steel!  Jake is supremely confident as he shows off his gymnastic prowess – “I’m the greatest underground wrestler you will ever be in the presence of”.  Tough talk from the mat veteran!  Steel is far from intimidated, flexing his 19” biceps and 50” chest at Jake!  Steel is BUILT!!  Steel thinks that Jake is all smack talk.  “Smack talk?  I’ll show you smack talk” Jake strikes, smacking his hand across the massive pecs of steel!  Steel has muscle (understatement of the century!), but Jake has speed on his side.  Jake takes Steel down to the mat, but Steel is too strong and easily powers up.  Again, Jake scores the take down, but Steel is too big and strong to keep down!

Jake darts in and out, using his speed to evade the massive muscle hunk, even catching Steel in a crotch-ripping spladle!  Steel is clearly no stranger to the adductor machine though as he powers out by squeezing his legs together!  PURE POWER!!  Jake abandons the spladle, switching to a side body scissor / headlock combination!  Steel turns the hold, only to find himself caught in an ankle lock!  Jake is no slouch on the mat!  Another lock up and Steel gets a takedown – now Jake is in trouble!  Wrapping his enormous arms around Jake in a reverse bearhug, Steel proceeds to crush the breath out of him!  Jake collapses to the mats, a dangerous place to be when Steel is around!  He straddles Jake and clamps on a STANDING BODY SCISSOR!!  Jake is screaming as he is pulverised in the mountainous quads of Steel!  The man’s legs look like they’re made of granite!  Jake escapes, clutching his ribs, but it’s short-lived – he’s dragged back into those waiting thighs for a front body scissor.  That doesn’t do it justice.  This is one of the most beautiful, picturesque, intense, muscle-popping, quad-bulging, suffering scissors you will ever see!  Every massive muscle on Steel’s awesome body stands out as he uses every fibre to crush the living s*** out of Jake!  Jake screams, desperate to be anywhere but between those constricting cords of muscle!

Jake manages to escape, but serious damage has been done to his ribs!  He catches steel in a headscissor, but Steel just RIPS HIS LEGS APART!!!  Steel advances, but Jake manages to spin away, clutching his aching ribs!  Switching tactics, Jake taunts Steel into showing off his muscle.  The muscle hunk obliges, cranking a stunning double bicep; Jake jumps up and wraps himself around Steel in a crucifix scissor!  All of Jake’s weight is pulling back on the arms and shoulders of the bodybuilder, wrenching them out of his torso!  Steel is in pain as he strains to flex out!  Steel is pinned!

This war is far from over as Jake is caught in a brutal, spine-warping Boston Crab, his face a picture of agony as Steel mercilessly pulls back!  Trapped with nowhere to go, Jake frantically taps out!  With one fall each, there’s everything to fight for!  Low blows, surfboards, leg locks, neither of these guys wants to lose.  Three choke-lifts in a row has Jake gasping for air!  Head scissors, chokes, bear hugs, hard elbows – these guys are enraged!  Will speed and experience win out?  Or will power and muscle claim the prize?  Get this match and find out – this is one you’ll watch over and over again!