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Camel clutch jake

Jake v Vinny - Rough & Ready 130

$ 30.00

"I'm sick of wrestling short people!" An angry Vinny is on the WARPATH upset over his small opponent. "Short don't mean nothing; look at all that muscle!" Jake flexes his monstrous frame as Vinny stands unimpressed, "Is that what you do every day, sit and admire yourself?" "If you looked like this; you would too! Try all you want; nothing coming near this face!" declares Jake. The behemoths tie up as the bodybuilder takes Vinny down in a front headlock and GATOR ROLLS him to his back as the pressure builds in his skull, "Who's big and bad now? Squeeze that little head off!" "That's a good hold!" groans the muscle giant as Jake transitions to a tight cradle and stretches out his other tree trunk leg with his foot, "You ain't gonna talk now?" Vinny is in trouble barely getting to his knees before the bodybuilder chokes him from behind in a sleeper and slams him face first to the mat! The dazed muscle giant stumbles to his feet and barrels in SQUEEZING Jake in a massive belly to back bearhug shaking him up and down, "Break your ribs you little b****!" Struggling for oxygen, the mountain of muscle goes limp in the powerful embrace as Vinny's pythons dig deeper and deeper squeezing him all the way down to the mat! Finally, Jake escapes and is first to his feet taunting, "Takes you longer to get up; doesn't it? The bigger they are; the harder they fall!" Vinny is unfazed, "225lbs, I only got 7% body fat!" Charging in, the bodybuilder lifts the giant across his boulder shoulders SHAKING him around before dumping him on his back! "Mine's pure muscle!" Vinny tries to catch his breath, but his thick abs are STOMPED over and over, "All you do is trash talk; that's all you got!" yells Jake. Rage builds inside the muscle giant as he slowly gets up and wraps his bulging bicep around the bodybuilder's throat. "Go to sleep you short midget b****!" A struggle ensues as the beast tries desperately to break free but instead crumbles to the mat passing out. "Stay on the ground where you belong!" Jake wakes up barely on all fours before the ruthless Vinny yanks him up in another RIB-CRUSHING rear bearhug! "Stop; it's so tight!" begs the bodybuilder as he's taken down again; his thick back HAMMERED again and again with Vinny's meaty forearms! "Now you really woke up the beast!" Jake struggles to stand, trips the giant to the mat, wraps his beefy bicep around his throat, and rolls him on top of his mountain of muscle, "Now you're gonna go to bed!" Powerless to move, Vinny is counting sheep as the bodybuilder gets up flexing in victory. With one win a piece, these behemoths are about to bring a level of PAIN you will not believe! "That's real muscle right there!" A vicious two-handed choke from Jake leads to Vinny retaliating with an over-the-knee back breaker! "How's that stretch feel?" The bodybuilder screams in pain, "It hurts so bad! Stop, stop!" His chiseled back ready to snap before he's slammed down. With his victim motionless on the mat, Vinny folds his leg over pinning it against his beefy glutes and YANKS back on Jake's head with his meathook hands, "I'm gonna destroy you! You can't match up to me!" The muscle beast screams in agony barely holding on, "I'll never give up!" This brutal back and forth battle continues! A torturous Boston crab and crippling camel clutch lead to one muscle hunk's abs being TOTALLY DESTROYED! Knee to the gut, elbow drop, and some of the hardest gut punches you have ever seen has him gasping for air, "No! I can't handle another one!" before passing out. The devious winner's hunger for pain continues as he wakes his victim up for more torture and a horrific end, "Don't break it! Don't break it!"