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Jake vs Iceman18-No Holds Barred 186

$ 31.59

Things get HOT AND HEAVY in this muscle worship battle for the top! A flex off has Jake and Iceman18 admiring each other's rock-hard biceps, beefy pecs, and smacking their asses. "I'll have you worshipping this muscle god today!" threatens Jake wrapping Iceman18 in a CRUSHING headlock. Groaning in pain, Iceman18 worships Jake's quads of steel then breaks free with a dirty trick. Jake crumbles to the mat as both wrestlers fight for control using dirty tricks to mount their opponent's abs and chest for INTENSE muscle worship. Struggling for air, Jake and Iceman18 both drop to their knees burying each other's faces between their powerful quads! "Feel everything!" orders the dominant Iceman18. Pinned down, Jake SMOTHERS Iceman18's face into his meaty pecs as Iceman18 gasps straining to break free. Double dirty tricks and double titty twisters have both wrestlers screaming in pain seeing who will submit first! A RIB-CRACKING scissor/sleeper combo has Iceman18 struggling to breathe as Jake drags the injured Iceman18 into a face-first head scissors. Desperate, Iceman18 breaks away with a dirty trick as the muscle worship gets even HOTTER. "Massage that muscle!" orders Jake. "I'll get it deep!" threatens Iceman18 squeezing so hard Jake coughs for air and is pulled straight into a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! Jake screams in pain; the blood rushing from his brain as he barely escapes. Battling for the top, Iceman18 and Jake use crushing body scissors, tight sleepers, reverse head scissor, and TORTUROUS stretches to break each other apart! Things get down and dirty as muscle worship, pec claws, dirty tricks, smacks to the ass, and titty twisters lead to a surprise finish. "Wake up; we're not done playing!" orders the sinister winner.