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Jake vs Stallion - Bodybuilder Battle 142

Jake vs Stallion - Bodybuilder Battle 142

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"Look at all that muscle. That big chest, you don't got a chest like that!" mocks Jake flexing his chiseled frame as Stallion watches unimpressed, "So you got 200lbs of 99% lean ground turkey vs 270lbs of Grade A kobe beef baby!" The mountain of muscle joins in, totally overshadowing his small prey. Both goliaths size up each other's rock-hard biceps, tree-trunk quads, and beefy chests. "You think you're bigger?" taunts Jake pushing the behemoth away, "You gonna talk back or just take it?" A second push agitates the stoic giant, "I might give; I might take a little bit!" Stallion turns his back as the vet BARRELS in from behind with a belly to back bearhug hoisting the big man up and down, "Lifting that 270 like it's nothing!" The behemoth laughs mocking his effort, "Sounds like you're straining a little bit over there!" Jake isn't about to be disrespected and SLAMS the heavyweight face first to the mat; the big man is dazed moaning in pain as he's rolled over for a cross-body pin and leg stretch. "That's what I thought; you're not going anywhere!" laughs the vet. "I'm just taking a little nap down here. Flexing a little bit, let you do all the work!" taunts Stallion. Jake tries for a cradle but can't wrangle the giant in before he's LAUNCHED across the arena! "Gonna break that little arm right there!" "No!" Hungry for payback, the mountain of muscle WRENCHES the vet's arm behind his back nearly ripping it out of socket as he screams in pain powerless to escape. The devious Stallion switches arms to even out the torture and rolls the 200 pounder to his back mounting his chiseled abs with his colossal frame. "Not talking so much now! You trying to fight back or what?" taunts the giant as he grabs Jake's powerful pythons above his head SLAMMING them over and over on the mat. "My arms!" groans the vet as Stallion stands to his feet yanking his small prey up for a crushing belly to back bearhug SHAKING him like a rag doll! Large and in charge, the muscle monster wraps his victim up in a powerful full nelson then chokes him from behind with his meathook size hands, "You had enough yet?" Jake is laid out barely moving as Stallion HAMMERS away at his beefy pecs then FOLDS him in half so tight; he is eating his knees, "Ahh, it hurts; that stretch is so deep!" The behemoth's brutal beating continues: tight full nelson, chokes, double hammerlocks; he even tries to break his neck twisting his head with both hands! "I'm tired of playing with you!" Stallion forces his prey up for a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug, then lifts him across his gorilla size chest dropping him over his knee to break his ribs! Jake has never been manhandled like this and lays helpless as Stallion flexes overhead. "Stop, no!" pleads the vet as the muscle monster drops down for a vicious head scissors/arm bar combo! Powerless to move, the bodybuilder's chiseled frame begins to slump and passes out; his neck crushed by Stallion's calf! Jake awakens from his nightmare to find his head BURIED deep in the behemoth's tree trunk quads in a reverse head scissors, "I can't breathe!" "Hahaha, I can almost feel your neck breaking. Why don't you give little b****? I'm more powerful than you!" Fighting to stay conscious, Jake barely whispers, "You're a b****! You got small calves!" Incredibly, the bodybuilder escapes and mounts the giant's abs for a reverse body scissors, "How's that feel?" "That's a good stretch!" A surge of strength has the vet rolling the beast over for a GRUELING banana split. "Ahh my legs!" screams Stallion. "I got you pinned down. Where you going?" Jake hammers the giant's beefy pecs and finally gets him in a tight cradle. "Little guy's got some fight in him!" moans the muscle giant as he lays on the mat completely gassed. Jake plants a knee in the behemoth's abs and flexes overhead. "What is this? You got to the count of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" Stallion explodes in a fit of rage, throws the 200 pounder off him, and UNLEASHES his power: bearhugs, forearm blows, massive fireman's carry, chest chops, devastating sleeper! "Can you breathe still? I must not be doing a good job!" Wait until you see what happens next!