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blayne justice arm bar flex mens muscle wrestling thunders arena

Blayne vs Justice - Mat Rats 96

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Justices debut match! Against none other than Blayne, what a great way to start at thunders. They grapple, but its not long before Justice already has Blayne on the ground, all it took was pulling Blayne's knee in so he fell backwards,  he puts him in a sleeper on the ground, than rolls Blayne on top of him and puts him in a full nelson! Justice wants to show Blayne just how experienced he is, he gets Blayne in an arm bar, that Blayne just barely manages to get out of, but Justice wants to show Blayne he's here to win at thunders, and its not long before Justice has Blayne in a sleeper again. Justice wants more of a fight out of Blayne, so he throws Blayne and teases him just enough for Blayne to manage to creep around him and put him in a bear hug! But Justices experience is starting to show, he flips Blayne over him, and puts him in a leg bar! Until he makes Blayne tap! Blayne shows justice he might have his work cut out of him after all, he wrenches Justices arm behind his back and gives it lots of painful pulls, he sneaks around Justice and puts him over his shoulder and makes sure his stomach recives several blows, will the little guy come out on top today?