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Marco vs CJS - No Holds Barred 85

Marco vs CJS - No Holds Barred 85

$ 25.95

“Dense, masculine muscle is where it’s at!”

It’s been a long time coming, but CJS (formerly known as Kasper), has returned to Thunder’s Arena to take on the best and brightest that Mr. Mike has to offer!  CJS has clearly been keeping up at the gym, packing on dense muscle to his thick frame, with legs that should come with a warning sign!  For his return match, Mr Mike has thrown CJS in at the deep end as he is pitted against resident bad boy Marco!  Old school vs new, thick muscle vs aesthetic physique, hairy vs smooth.  Marco strips CJS of his t-shirt, revealing his big chest and arms.  Did I say big arms?  I mean HUGE!  When CJS flexes his bicep, even Marco is impressed!  Marco can’t keep his eyes off the bulging mounds of muscle as CJS flexes his thick arms and Redwood legs.  Marco strips down to a pair of tiny yellow briefs and the match is on!

Marco kicks off with a lightning-quick go behind, wrapping his arm around CJS’ neck.  “Is that all you got?” asks CJS. “You can’t even move me!” Marco switches to a rear bearhug, lifting the bodybuilder off the mat – but CJS pries Marco’s hands apart, escaping the hold!  The two gladiators lock up again, this time with Marco slapping on a front bearhug.  But CJS retaliates with a bearhug of his own, out crushing his opponent and forcing Marco to relinquish the hold!  Marco is in serious pain as he tells CJS, “That’s a true bearhug!”  CJS crushes Marco against his big pecs, lifting him high off the mat!  But Marco, ever ready with a dirty move, low blows the veteran, forcing him to release Marco.  Sensing a working strategy, Marco lunges low again, grabbing CJS’ balls and squeezing, taking him to the mat in the process!  Marco thinks the tide has turned, but suddenly he finds himself in a headlock / scissor combo!  Marco was not expecting that – he did NOT want to be caught between CJS’ legs!  “Now you’ll feel the power of these thighs…”  CJS pours on the pressure, squeezing Marco’s body like a tube of toothpaste!  CJS rolls them over into a pin, giving Marco a taste of his own medicine as he flexes and poses over the trapped stud!  Marco tries to escape, pounding his fists on CJS’ abs and pecs, but to no avail!  CJS moves up Marco’s body and sits on his chest, humiliating the bad boy.  An enraged Marco clamps on another ball claw!  Marco straddles CJS’ head in a schoolboy pin before switching to a brutal straight head scissor!  But CJS manages to swing his legs around, catching Marco’s head with his calves!  CJS tosses Marco around, dragging him back into his waiting thighs for a payback crush!  Marco submits!

But the match nowhere near over as Marco again goes for the balls, bringing CJS down and trapping him in a Boston Crab!  CJS is furious!  He escapes and elicits a cry of pain from Marco as he slaps on a devastating straight arm bar!  Marco begs CJS not to break it!  CJS releases the arm bar and gets up, towering over Marco as he stomps down HARD on Marco’s pecs!  But Marco is far from done as he fires a kick into CJS’ balls, following up with another claw!  CJS has finally had enough and fights fire with fire!  Can Marco find a chink in CJS’s armor and claim a win?  Or will CJS upset the superstar to send a message to the rest of the locker room?  Either way, this is one EPIC match you don’t want to miss!  One of our longest ever matches, add it to your collection today!