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Blayne vs Kid Romeo - Mat Wars 81

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War of the Jobbers!

“I spent a whole year getting my ass wupped – now it’s time to take it out on somebody else!”

Ok, it’s no secret that Blayne and Kid Romeo, whilst having the odd win, have often ended up laid out on the mats here at Thunder’s Arena.  In a world of muscle monsters and bodybuilder behemoths, it’s tough being the little guy!  So when Mr Mike matched the two of them against each other, well, let’s just say that both thought their luck was about to change!

The two start out trash talking each other and comparing bodies.  Blayne has more muscle, but Kid Romeo is well-known for his speed on the mats.  They lock up and Blayne immediately gets the advantage, lifting Kid Romeo up over his shoulder.  Blayne takes Kid for a ride around the mat before slamming him down in an Over-the-Knee Backbreaker!  Blayne pushes down hard, contorting Kid’s spine!  Blayne is feeling confident as he challenges Kid to a game of Mercy, but he reckons without Kid Romeo’s speed!  Blayne tries to reverse out of it, but Kid is ready with a choke hold and takes Blayne to the mat!  Kid Romeo follows up with a sleeper hold, but Blayne reverses out of it and manoeuvres Kid into a deadly Boston Crab!  Hen Kid refuses to submit, Blayne switches to a Camel Clutch – how much can Kid Romeo’s back take?!

Kid Romeo gets a single leg takedown, but finds himself caught in Blayne’s scissors!  But still he refuses to submit!  Blayne ups his game, slapping on a pec claw, then hauling Kid up over his head.  But Kid Romeo surprises the fan favourite with a SUSPENDED FIGURE-FOUR HEADSCISSOR!  Blayne’s legs buckle out from under him as he’s forced to carry both their weight whilst Kid’s legs do their deadly work!  It’s Kid Romeo’s turn to feel confident as he surveys his handiwork, but that just give Blayne time to recover!  An enraged Blayne peppers Kid’s midsection with blows and claws, but Kid fights back with a leglock.  The battle goes back and forth with each man pulling out all the stops.  A bow & arrow from Blayne has Kid grimacing in pain – but he gets his own back with a modified DDT that rams Blayne’s face HARD into the mat!  There is definitely no love lost here!

Gutbashing, chokes, backbreakers, painful body stretches, crushing scissors and a devastating ankle lock are just a handful of the moves these two throw at each other!  Who will earn bragging rights over the other?  Can Blayne throw off his jobber reputation?  Can Kid Romeo put the bigger Blayne away?  Get this match today and find out who gets left out cold on the mat!