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Jack Beaver puts Kid Thing into a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Jack Beaver vs Kid Thing - Battlespace 112

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Our first ever Sleeper Challenge!

Jack Beaver has a back ground in all kinds of sports but he definitely learned sleeper holds and was quick to knock people out in his pro wrestling classes.  He's got an evil side to him in how he likes to humiliate guys because they underestimate his powers since he is a smaller guy at 175 lbs.  He is a model by trade.   

Still Kid Thing is new to wrestling but he squirms around so fast.  He has lightning fast reflexes so he thinks he can fight and squirm his way out of anything.  

Who will have the most sleeper knock outs by the end of the match?  Find out...


Thunder's newest rookies Jack Beaver and Kid Thing are about to face off in a sleeper challenge. Jack is out to make a name for himself declaring, "I'm the king of sleepers! That's what I'm known for, crazy grip strength. That's why they call me the Beaver. I'm gonna choke you out!" Kid Thing doesn't seem intimidated, "You don't have any strength. Just try and put me to sleep!" They tie up on the mat. Jack Beaver breaks away and locks in a tight sleeper, "Quit fighting it; it's gonna happen!" Kid Thing struggles under the vicelike grip and passes out. "That's how you do a sleeper!" Jack walks around the mat pumped and flexes for the camera. He wakes Kid Thing up with a forearm club to the back. Jack barely gives him time to come around before sending him back into oblivion. "You ain't gonna get a third!" Kid Thing is gaining confidence now and fights off Jack as much as he can but is put to sleep again. Jack Beaver flexes for the camera showing off his figure, "See these abs!" He lifts up the shirt of his lifeless victim, "Now look at these pathetic abs. He needs to work out more!" Jack GUT PUNCHES Kid Thing awake.
Jack headlocks his victim and rips off his shirt. Kid Thing retaliates and locks in a tight full nelson, but Jack flexes out to escape. "Let's go back to sleep!" Kid Thing struggles to fight it off but is counting sheep again. "Putting people to sleep feels so good!" Jack wakes the "pathetic" Kid up, "I'm taking you to a special place!" He drags him to the pool where Fang is lounging around. They lock up again, and someone is put to sleep!
Both wrestlers are back on their feet. "We're going in the house now, put you to sleep everywhere!" The Thunder's vets relax on the couch as the rookie's battle in the living room. Jack starts to sleeper Kid Thing, and they both fall on Eagle and Rhino! "Damn newbies!" says Eagle.  "Help me!" moans Kid Thing. "Do us all a favor and go to sleep!" yells Bolt. Kid Thing gasps for air and passes out. "Get him out of here!" Jack carries his victim into the bedroom. Kid Thing is thrown on the bed! "How'd I get here? Come on man!" They battle on the bed, where someone is put to sleep! Not wanting to end their match on the bedroom, they take their match back to the pool. The winner wants to destroy their opponent, put them to sleep, and drop them in the water! Who will win this sleeper challenge and come out on top in this battle of the rookies?