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KaSee v Kid Thing - Mat Wars 129

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

"I'm jacked! Get these veins pumped, need every inch on these biceps, so I can choke you out!" brags Kid Thing working out with a dumbbell. "Curl all you want, but you look really pale. This is the sexiest dude in Thunders right here!" flexes Kasee. "You look like you could use a pump. Just dying to get your a** beat?" taunts Kid Thing. "Newbie, think you're tough? You're wearing my trunks; I'm gonna kick your a** and take my trunks back!" Kasee has had enough disrespect and PUNCHES the arrogant rookie square in the chest as he still runs his mouth, "My trunks now!" The muscle studs tie up as Kid Thing whips around locking the vet in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "Think you're big? Go ahead and break out!" Kasee strains and strains but can't break the viselike grip as he's shoved across the mat, "Not bad for a newbie! You're white as a ghost; that's why these trunks belong to me!" A devious grin sweeps across Kid Thing's face, "You can have them after I work up a sweat f***ing you up!" Another massive tie up has the rookie lifting the vet on his rock-hard shoulder OBLITERATING his chiseled abs, "Say these are my trunks, and I'll let you down!" "Never!" groans Kasee as he's slammed down but incredibly springs back up delivering a tight full nelson of his own. "Let's see who's stronger? I think I got ya!" declares the vet as the rookie struggles to flex out. Veins popping, muscles bulging, Kid Thing finally breaks the grip but is quickly HURLED face first on the mat. "Cheap shot, b****!" "What did you say?" Kasee explodes in a fit of rage wrapping his quads of steel around the newb in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors as he screams in pain. Powerless to escape, Kid Thing's face is driven into the mat again temporarily stunning him as the vet flies through the air with an agonizing bodysplash sucking every last breath from his lungs! "You got pretty abs; it looks real good!" The dominant vet mounts his motionless victim pinning his arms above his head and HAMMERS away on his ripped abs. "Screw you!" moans the rookie gasping for air as his pale skin turns bright red from the brutal assault! "Don't want me to get up I see; you won't stand a chance!" taunts the cocky newb. "I'm gonna show you how we do it here in Thunders. I'm about to rip those babies off!" Kasee wraps his bulging biceps around Kid Thing's injured waste and lifts him in an agonizing UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug, "You're making my abs all red!" pleads the newbie as he's slammed to the mat and rolled into a torturous sleeper/leg stretch combo! "My groin!" howls the rookie, his legs inches away from being ripped out of their sockets. "Pretty hair, pretty abs, wearing my trunks! What are you trying to do here?" asks the dominant vet SQUEEZING tighter. "I'm Kid Thing; I don't even know who Kasee is?" "You're gonna know after this match!" The hold is released as the rookie coughs just to breathe stumbling to his feet, "You're a strong man; I'll give you that!" A massive gut punch drops Kid Thing to his knees; Kasee wraps his powerful python tight around his skull DRIVING him face first to the mat with a hip toss! "I ain't done!" groans the rookie as the tan muscle stud flexes overhead. Hungry for revenge, Kid Thing recovers and barrels in with a shoulder carry slamming the vet down for a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors of his own, "Is that the move you just taught me?" "Ahh my head!" screams Kasee as he struggles to his feet and met with massive full nelson. "This little guy acting like he's gonna take these off me. I thought you'd be stronger? So far all you've done is whine and complain!" A fire ignites inside Kasee ready to tear this boy apart, "You know who you're talking to?" The KNOCK-DOWN DRAG-OUT battle for the trunks continues: tight cradle, gut punches, fireman's carry, sleeper, bodysplashes, an upside down bearhug! Who walks away with the trunks? You won't believe your eyes!