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Scrappy vs Kid Thing - Battlespace 136

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

A wrestling lesson goes HORRIBLY wrong as this rookie is about to receive the beating of his life! "Mr. Mike says I've got the looks but need to learn a couple of your little techniques!" Eager to begin, Kid Thing finds an unimpressed Scrappy on the mat. "Mr. Mike let you in here? You're pretty f***ing small; need a little bit more mass to be on the show!" mocks the vet challenging the rookie to a flex off. "One day I'll get that; you know I'm close. I almost look better than you!" brags the newbie. "You know whose mat this is? This is my mat!" Angry, Scrappy shoulder bumps the arrogant student who continues running his mouth, "You ain't seen what I can do yet!" A series of tie ups has both titans BATTLING for position pushing each other around to show off their strength. "You got some muscle, but it ain't gonna do s**t next to Scrappy!" The teacher wraps his powerful python around the student's skull in a viselike headlock parading him around the mat as he groans in pain, "Let me go!" "I thought you knew how to wrestle!" taunts Scrappy; Kid Thing breaks free delivering one of his own but struggles to contain the muscle beast. "You call that a headlock? You should at least know how to wrestle as skinny as you are!" taunts the vet escaping his grip. "I got you a little there; I think I can throw you around!" Scrappy sees red and delivers two MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINES nearly knocking off Kid Thing's head, "You think you're gonna beat my a**?" The rookie struggles to get up and charges in wrapping his arm around the vet launching him across the arena with an impressive hip-toss! "I think I need to shut you up!" threatens Scrappy retaliating with a hip-toss of his own then drags the newb to his feet WRENCHING his arms behind his back. Straining to escape, Kid Thing is wrapped up in another brutal headlock and tossed to the mat writhing in pain, "I landed on my leg!" His shrieking screams fall on deaf ears as Scrappy continues flexing, "Seem like a big baby to me. Should have brought me someone a little bigger, that don't cry as much!" Back on his feet, the rookie locks in a tight full nelson but Scrappy easily flexes out retaliating with a guillotine choke, "I'm trying to teach you some moves; you're not being a good student!" "Oh yeah, I know a good move you taught me!" A massive clothesline drops the vet to the mat as he rises to his feet pissed off. The teacher targets his student's chiseled abs lifting him across his boulder shoulders in a massive fireman's carry and violently SHAKES him up and down! "My abs! My abs are all I got!" screams Kid Thing gasping for air as he's dropped down and met with a barrage of brutal gut punches! The rookie can barely stand to his feet as the torturous lesson continues: vicious back stretches, RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug, a crushing standing head scissors! His pale skin glows red from the brutal beatdown as he's pinned, slammed into walls, and thrown around the mat. Laid out on his back, Kid Thing can barely move as the dominant teacher plants his foot on his chest flexing his beefy biceps. "Get off me b****! Mr. Mike just wanted me to get good; he didn't say he wanted me to get my ass kicked!" Dripping with sweat, Scrappy gets a CRAZED look in his eyes, "Think you're the boss of me? Think you can tell me what to do?" All hell breaks loose in this school of hard knocks: a neck-breaking full nelson, guillotine choke, upside down belly to back bearhug, DEVASTATING piledriver! A pile of broken muscle lay on the mat as the painful lesson comes to a horrific end, "Hope you learned something!"