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Steel Kid Thing Eagle and Fuego flex off at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Tag Team Battle with Steel & Kid Thing vs Eagle & Fuego - Battlespace 122

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Tag Team Battle Royale!
Steel is in the backyard with his tag team partner Kid Thing. "Here's the deal Kid, I brought you to Thunders to kick these newb's butts. You can't make me look bad." They begin flexing. "Gonna mess these boys up. I'll make you proud." says the rookie. "We're the dream team!" boasts Steel. 
Eagle and Fuego enter the house. "You're about to go into your first match. This guy is in good shape, but he's pretty small. So if you lose it's gonna be real embarrassing for me. You're a winner!" "That's right!" says Fuego. "We got this. Let's go whoop some butt!" says Eagle. 
The rookies face off. "So this is who they sent?" asks Fuego. "Look how little he is!" says Eagle. They tie up. Kid Thing gets a takedown choking Fuego with his forearm, "How's that feel losing?" Fuego flips Kid over in a pin. Steel gets impatient and throws Fuego off his partner. "You make me look bad. What did I tell you?" Steel headlocks his own partner, "I'm trying!" moans Kid Thing. He orders him to go again. The rookies exchange tight headlocks but nothing else? Eagle throws Fuego off Kid Thing, "What are you guys doing? You're not even wrestling!" Eagle puts his partner in a massive full nelson, "This is how you do it!" Fuego groans in pain and falls to the mat. Eagle headlocks Fuego, "You're not doing any of the moves I taught you. Now go get him!" Kid Thing gets Fuego in a quick full nelson then a tight sleeper. Fuego escapes and body scissors Kid. "You can't contain me!" He escapes.
Steel still isn't happy! He bearhugs and full nelsons his partner with his powerful pythons. "I'm trying! I thought I had him!" groans Kid Thing. "I told you my guy was better!" says Eagle. Steel CHOKELIFTS Eagle, "You forget I'm the best? That's how it's done little boy!" Steel drops him down. "Don't mess with my coach! I may be new, but he taught me a couple things!" Fuego lifts Steel in a massive bearhug taking him down in a pin. "Almost as weak as your recruit! Steel? More like aluminum!" The vet escapes and forces his rookie back in. 
They tie up. Fuego gets a takedown and arm bars Kid Thing. The rookie breaks out but is caught in a surprise full nelson by Eagle. Fuego gut punches Kid's abs as he screams in pain! Steel full nelsons Fuego to get him off his partner. Kid Thing escapes and gut punches Fuego while he's in the full nelson. This is non-stop action! The vets are disappointed with their partners' performance and lift the rookies in BACK-BREAKING rear and front bearhugs shaking them up and down! They are in agony experiencing that vet power!
The action intensifies with two matches breaking out at the same time! Kid Thing and Fuego roll around on the mat trying to pin each other while Eagle full nelsons Steel! Fuego head scissors and arm bars Kid Thing then begins DROWNING Kid's face in the pool! Steel breaks out and headlocks/hammerlocks Eagle. "We got people to coach man!" moans Eagle. "You like being baptized?" mocks Fuego as he repeatedly shoves Kid Thing under water! "I drowned him coach!" "Drowned him? I never taught you how to drown nobody, that's not wrestling!" yells Eagle. "I need some respect from you!" Fuego gets Eagle in a leg stretch and chokes him! "My groin!" screams Eagle. Steel LEG DROPS Fuego to break the hold! 
"At least my guy looks better than your guy!" says Eagle. The rookies begin a flex off. "Neither one of these fools can wrestle. I'll agree on that!" says Steel. The vets join the flex off each claiming to be the best. "I know you all want to touch these biceps!" says Steel. "They're ok, but when daddy comes to town, people know!" says Eagle flexing. All four gladiators lock up in a 4-WAY GAME OF MERCY! Their arms are stretched to the max as they fall to their knees from the pressure! Next an arm wrestling competition, rookie vs rookie, and vet vs vet. Each try helping their tag team partner pull out the win, their biceps feeling the pain! Eagle and Steel lock the rookies in RIB-CRUSHING body scissors crushing them! The muscle madness continues! Triple full nelsons and a HEAD SCISSOR TRAIN! Which muscle titans will be left standing at the end? You won't believe your eyes!