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Steel v Kid Thing - Water Wars 9

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

"Time for a little fun! I'm looking pretty jacked, got a little bit of a challenge. All that muscle ain't gonna help you out in the water!" taunts Kid Thing flexing his chiseled frame as the muscle beast sets his sights on his next victim. "Little amateurs talking s**t all day! You think you can beat this? I'm gonna SQUEEZE your head right between these pecs!" Steel pec bounces his beefy chest and flexes his bowling ball size arms, "That's what a real man looks like. You might get there some day boy!" The rules are set: whoever gets pinned to the wall first loses, as the titans lock up. Kid Thing breaks away first surprising the behemoth with a quick rear bearhug, "Strong little bastard!" His hold doesn't last long as Steel escapes lifting the lightweight across his gorilla size chest as he squirms to break free and is LAUNCHED across the pool. "Lucky I didn't drown you, pretty close to the wall!" "You still haven't won!" taunts the rookie as Steel barrels in wrapping his powerful pythons around his waste in a RIB-CRACKING rear bearhug! Kid Thing groans in pain escaping the hold and grabs the muscle beast's head forcing him again and again under water. Temporarily dazed, the behemoth returns to his feet as the arrogant rookie runs his mouth, "You need a second? I could have taken you right there if I really wanted to!" "You should have did it while you had the chance boy!" An intense power struggle ensues as both titans COLLIDE like freight trains; their mounds of muscle rub together creating giant waves as they lift and carry each other closer and closer to the water's edge! Finally, Steel overpowers Kid Thing wrapping him up in a belly to belly bearhug pinning him to the wall! The non-stop action leaves both muscle studs winded as they struggle to catch their breath. "That was a good pump; little bit of a challenge!" flexes Steel; his thick pecs and bulging biceps juiced up bigger than before! "One point for you; enjoy the victory while it lasts. I'm gonna put this big chump in his place! Big guys like him think they own the world!" threatens Kid Thing. "It's funny cuz I do own the world! These young guys are just jealous of perfection. He'll be worshipping this s**t at the end!" flexes Steel admiring his rock-hard mountain of muscle! Round two begins as the titans try for a pin when a massive mercy challenge breaks out. Incredibly, Kid Thing WRENCHES the beast's arms down to his sides and buries his shoulder into the big man driving him to the wall. Barely escaping, Steel returns with a crushing rear bearhug as a full nelson battle begins. Back and forth, the titans try to SNAP each other's necks! "Wearing me out!" groans the beast; his hulking frame struggles for air as both wrestlers recover completely exhausted. The water war continues; Steel wraps his meathook hands around the rookie's throat and chokelifts him as he squirms in agony splashing down. "I don't even think you can lift me up to choke me! Scrawny little arms, can you even fit your hands around that neck?" taunts the beast. "I can lift you, no problem!" Kid Thing charges in and chokelifts Steel, "You can't breathe now! What was that you said, something about my skinny arms?" "Maybe I was wrong!" gasps the behemoth collapsing into the water. The titans take their fight in and out of the water: bearhugs, full nelsons, an over-the-knee back breaker, RIB-SHATTERING body scissors! A match this intense ends with a sinister promise, "I'm gonna drown your a**!"n coming soon...