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Loki vs Duke - Water Wars 10

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Wet, beefy hunks in tight trunks...hold your breath as WATER WARS is back! A steamy flex off has Duke and Loki arguing over who has the better body. "Look how lean I am!" taunts Duke fighting for the spotlight. "Where's the gains? You gotta work on the arms!" mocks Loki shoving Duke in the pool. Loki BACKFLIPS into the water dragging Duke to the bench for a tight full nelson and crushing sleeper. Gasping for air, Duke strains to break free and is let go as Loki flies through the air with a MID-AIR elbow drop! Duke is dazed and dragged underwater in a crushing rear bearhug. The camera catches the intense fight as Duke battles back wrapping Loki in a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors on the pool's edge. "Arms that big, you should be able to get out of this!" mocks Duke squeezing tighter and tighter. Loki groans in pain and narrowly pries apart the torturous hold pulling Duke back in the pool. Both wrestlers exchange RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhugs and choke-lifts then battle for control using a shoulder carry, full nelson, even choking each other underwater! A vicious elbow drop has Duke seeing stars as the dominant Loki drags Duke out of the pool. Loki lifts Duke in a fireman's carry, BODYSLAMS him into the water, and yanks Duke into a crushing sleeper. Powerless to escape, Duke passes out floating in the pool as the devious Loki delivers a thunderous mid-air BODYSPLASH! Pissed off, Duke recovers and retaliates with a fireman's carry, elbow drop, and crushing body scissors choking Loki underwater at the same time! "You almost drowned me!" gasps Loki struggling to catch his breath. The action gets even HOTTER as an intense mercy challenge, crushing scissor/sleeper combo, belly to belly bearhug, fireman's carry, and overhead press lead a brutal knockout!