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Marco vs Fang - No Holds Barred 86

Marco vs Fang - No Holds Barred 86

$ 30.00

“Screw me?  I’m gonna screw you!”

Fang is one of our newest wrestlers here at Thunder’s Arena.  He’s already gone up against Beast and Slash, but now he’s facing one of Thunder’s top superstars, Marco.  Taking on Marco is almost a rite of passage at Thunder’s Arena – if you want to be a superstar, you’ve got to pay the piper!  And Marco LOVES to take on the new guys – he loves to taunt them, to get them mad, get in their heads and then take them apart piece by piece with his skill and muscle…

Both men are on the mats and raring to go.  Marco reaches in to lock up, slipping behind Fang and slapping on a Full Nelson, just to show he can.  Fang, wearing tiny silver trunks that are seemingly incapable of containing his glutes, is getting his first taste of just what he’s up against!  Marco bends Fang over, pulling him up into the air in an upside-down bearhug – with added ball claw!  Oops – sorry Fang, did we forget to mention this is No Holds Barred?!  A quick lock up and Marco scoops Fang over his shoulders, performing squats for the camera!  Marco holds Fang up against the wall, firing punches into his impressive pecs!  Fang collapses to the mat, but Marco hauls him back up for more punishment!  A takedown has Fang trapped under Marco, with the bodybuilder sitting on his face! A humiliating cradle pin gets a three count for Marco, but this is just the beginning!  Another shot to the balls leaves Fang open to another takedown, this time with a vicious leglock thrown into the mix!  Fang grits his teeth as he weathers the hold!  Fang goes low, but Marco is waiting – Fang finds his head trapped in Marco’s standing headscissors, before Marco switches to a deadly Boston Crab!  Marco is out to destroy as he bombards Fang with chokes, scissors and relentless attacks on Fang’s balls!  Arm bars, leg locks, crabs – Marco is ripping Fang apart!  Marco grins maniacally as he chokes the rookie, dragging him down to the mat for pec and ball punishment – Marco demands Fang’s submission!

Marco’s vicious streak is in full control here as he unleashes hold after hold, attack after attack on the poor newbie.  In a moment of pure, naked brutality, Marco lets loose with some of the HARDEST gut punches we have EVER seen!  Humiliating pins, lifts, shoulder breakers – Fang is just being manhandled, and Marco is nowhere near finished!  Can he come back and claim an upset?  Or will Marco add yet another name to his ever-growing list of victims?  You need to see the stunning, and devastating, ending!  An awesome muscleboy match – add it to your collection today!