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Mars vs Bjorn - Mat Rats 174

$ 31.59

Debuting: Bjorn - 6'4" 300 lbs

Mars cannot get over just how big and muscular Bjorn is! When Mars won't shut up about Bjorn's muscles, Bjorn grabs him by the neck and slams him to the mat! When Mars keeps going, Bjorn locks him in a brutal side headlock and Mars starts to slowly and painfully pass out! Bjorn throws him to the mat again telling him to shut his puny ass up and flexes for the camera. Bjorn once again lifts Mars up by the hair and slams his fist into Mars' ribs and puts him back in a side headlock making it hard for Mars to talk any longer.

Mars attempts to launch an attack on Bjorn and jumps on his back ready for Bjorn to fall to the mat. When Bjorn just stands there and takes Mars for a ride, he is shocked! Mars keeps attempting moves and Bjorn flings Mars around the mat like he is a rag doll! Mars continues to talk and Bjorn has had enough. He smashes his massive pecs into Mars' face smothering him! When that doesn't work, Bjorn lifts Mars up cradling him before slamming him down into an over the knee back breaker! Bjorn slaps his giant hand over Mars' mouth and demands he shut up even further! 

Bjorn is enraged at this point! He is pouring sweat while beating Mars into a pulp! Mars decides he is done being smashed into the mat and begins running from Bjorn! Can Mars make it out still standing? Or will Bjorn cripple the loud mouth wrestler?