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Meaty vs Cason - Mat Rats 169

$ 31.59

The trash talk leads to a surge in testosterone in the room! Meaty and Cason lock up and Meaty pins Cason to the mat. He lifts Cason's leg up cranking on his lower back! Cason says he likes it but the pain in his face says different. Cason escapes Meaty's grip and lifts him up in a double leg takedown slamming Meaty to the mat! Meaty uses his strength to counter Cason's wrestling skill, lifting him up in a bearhug squeezing and nearly snapping Cason's ribs! After slamming him to the mat, Meaty wraps his legs around Cason's head in a python like grip crushing harder and harder. Cason fights dirty ripping at Meaty's toes to make him let go of his grip! Cason goes for the pin, but Meaty counters jumping up and locking Cason in a standing head scissors while pulling at his hair to add even more pain!

A break in action has the camera turned off when the match begins again off camera! Cason has Meaty locked in a head scissors choking him with a sweaty towel and flexing when the camera man gets back to the action! Cason continues using his massive legs to control Meaty! He has them wrapped around Meaty's head refusing to let go! Cason goes to wipe Meaty's sweat off his body when Meaty comes at Cason like a bull! He charges and snatches Cason in a bearhug! But Cason uses the towel in his hand as a weapon wrapping it around Meaty's head and snapping him over his shoulders! Cason goes for the pin again getting it this time 1! 2! 3!

Meaty is furious Cason got the pin and comes at him again. He wraps a towel around Cason's neck and starts to choke him out! Cason fights to keep breathing as Meaty flexes. Cason refuses to tap out which aggravates Meaty. When Meaty lets go, Cason grabs him in a sideways bearhug and takes him to the mat. Download TODAY to find out what happens next!