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Talon No Name pecs stretch chest abs

Talon vs No Name - Mat Wars 58

$ 32.95

Thunder's veteran Talon is about to face rookie No Name. Why is he called No Name? Fans get to choose a name idea and leave it on the comment page.
The match starts on the mat. Talon in his camo shorts and No Name in his red shorts. The rookie is on his back, and Talon is gonna teach him some jujitsu. No Name locks Talon in a TRIANGLE CHOKE. "Not that tight!" orders Talon. "You think you're all big?" says the rookie. "Yeah I do, you're about to find out." Talon LIFTS No Name while in the hold and SLAMS him to the mat!
No Name grabs Talon's leg and trips him. He gets Talon to his back and locks in a TIGHT sleeper. The veteran rolls out and GUT PUNCHES the rookie's abs. Talon takes off his shorts and KICKS No Name in the ribs. He rips off the newbie's shorts. Now it's time for business!
"You wanna go for a ride?" Talon picks No Name up in  a FIREMAN'S CARRY and SLAMS him up and down! "Put me down!" Talon is happy to obey and  SLAMS No Name to the mat. "You play around too much. You're playing with the wrong person." They lock up, and No Name takes Talon down in an OVER THE SHOULDER throw. He sits on Talon's back and YANKS on his leg. "Is this your bad leg?" The rookie makes Talon stand up in an arm lock. "Big bitch! Think you're all big; you ain't got nothing!" says No Name. 
Talon recovers and WRENCHES No Name's arm behind his back SLAMMING it harder and harder. The musclemen lock up. No Name gets a takedown and applies a REAR CHOKE. Talon's face is turning purple, and he GASPS for air! Amazingly, the veteran escapes and locks in a VICIOUS arm bar and scissors No Name's head. Talon then switches to a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors. "My stomach!"
The veteran straddles the rookie and YANKS on his hair and arms. "You little bitch! Who pulls hair?" yells No Name. "What's wrong, you don't like pulling hair? I'm gonna do it a lot more then!" says Talon. He applies a MASSIVE rear bearhug. No Name is screaming, "my stomach!" The hold is released, and the musclemen engage in a BEARHUG BATTLE. Talon tells the naive rookie to flex for him. He does, and the veteran picks him up in a MASSIVE front bearhug! "Cheap shot. Is that what they call you?" asks the rookie. "I've heard you're not even good enough for a name. They call me Talon." 
"You ain't got shit!" This comment sets off a FIRESTORM of FURRY! The loser is picked up in a MASSIVE FIREMAN'S CARRY and SHAKEN up and down. "Oh my side!" The winner asks, "You gonna give?" The loser never gets the chance to answer as they PASS OUT and collapse to the mat. Talon or No Name? Add this match to your collection to find out!