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nipple pinch

Aspen vs Blayne - No Holds Barred 153

$ 31.25

Intense muscle worship, domination, and some of the DIRTIEST tricks we have ever filmed...cradle fans, you will be watching this match on repeat! Blayne flexes as a furry Aspen introduces himself. "Looking good, how long you've been growing that hair? I'm gonna win today, but I gotta feel!" Blayne worships his hairy chest as Aspen flexes, "What's it like feeling a man?" "I can't complain!" The vet moves to his back and YANKS his furry pecs from behind, "Nice little pec tear!" Both muscle hunks tie up as Aspen gets a takedown mounting Blayne's washboard abs, "Yeah pin me down!" The furry beast worships his chiseled chest then smothers Blayne's face with his hairy pit as he struggles to breathe! "Not that hair!" Aspen STOMPS the muscle stud, rolls him into a cradle, and repeatedly slaps his glutes, "Smack until you give!" Blayne screams in pain barely escaping as a massive red mark appears from the damage, "You tanned me hard!" Blayne is pissed and wants revenge. Dirty tricks, an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug, brutal Boston crab, and atomic wedgie leave the muscle bear's backside wide open for a beating. A dominant Blayne slaps his victim as hard as he can admiring, "You got powerful glutes!" Aspen is in agony as his tormentor delivers a brutal camel clutch; his back is stretched to its limit as Blayne worships his furry pecs in pure bliss. "You can't even look at the veins, all this hair!" The muscle bear breaks out, delivers a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN and mounts Blayne's chest sandwiching his head between his quads of steel. Aspen grabs his legs folding them over to his ears smothering Blayne's face. "Front and center baby!" The furry stud brings out his own dirty tricks and repeatedly CHEST CHOPS the muscle hunk as he screams in pain! Blayne lays on the mat completely gassed as Aspen catches his breath, "Didn't know I'd have this much fun today!" "Now we're getting serious!" Blayne recovers locking in a massive belly to belly bearhug, but Aspen escapes with multiple forearm blows! The muscle bear rolls Blayne in a extremely tight cradle, spanks, and YANKS on his armpit hair declaring, "I'm the King!" The vet is in agony unable to move until the dominant beast is satisfied with his torture. Blayne is breathing heavy, "I hate you, but I've never been so attracted to someone!" He recovers delivering a vicious kick to Aspen's abs, picks him up in a MID-AIR ab stretch, then drops him into an over-the-knee back breaker. "Finally, this looks so good!" Blayne is in complete control worshipping every inch of his hairy frame then delivers a massive dirty trick! Aspen is powerless to move as Blayne picks him up trapping his arm inside his wrestling trunks and forces him into the wall. The dominant muscle stud UNLOADS on his furry abs with brutal gut punches. "Flex these bad boys for me. Nice and tight, you're so sexy!" Somehow, Aspen escapes and mounts Blayne's chest giving him a view of his powerful glutes. The muscle bear is in charge now delivering painful dirty tricks, then folds Blayne's legs over again, wedgies, and continues slapping his already bruised backside! The muscle stud gasps for air, "That was the worst and best thing ever!" With his victim defenseless, Aspen BODYSPLASHES the vet rolling him into one of the craziest cradles you have ever seen! "I give, Aspen please! Mercy please!" "We're not done!" The muscle bear delivers a powerful PILEDRIVER nearly breaking Blayne's neck. Aspen's dark side begins to appear, and things are about to get much worse: a dragon sleeper, leg drop, camel clutch, cradles, multiple chokelifts! The devious muscle bear grins in laughter at his victim's broken body, "What am I gonna do to you?"