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Baby Herc vs Reef - No Holds Barred 248

$ 22.22
$ 31.59

Herc demands Reef flex and then fights him over the camera. Reef is riled up now and ready to get some action! Reef rips into Herc and lifts him up in a bearhug flinging him up in the air! Reef jumps on the opportunity to take Herc on the mat and wrap him in a body scissors. Reef slams Herc to the mat over and over stomping on his back to add insult to injury. 

Herc struggles to overcome Reef's power and Herc mounts Reef in a standing head scissors squeezing the air from Reef's face! When Herc gets his meathook hands over Reef's throat, Reef begins to pass out! Sweat pour from both men as Herc chokes the life from Reef's eyes! 

Herc is in the zone now and working Reef over in every way imaginable! Herc's submission game has drastically improved since joining Thunders and he puts it on full display choking Reef out in a matter of seconds! The action stops and Reef is double checked and given a moment to wake up!

Reef gets up groggy and pissed! He goes after Herc's legs trying to even the height and length advantage. But Herc's experience advantage gives him an ever bigger edge on the mat! Reef is locked up in submission after submission and his breathing gets heavier and heavier as Herc closes in on the finish! How will Herc decide to finish the match? Herc's closing statement..."Now is Baby Herc's time to shine 😏"