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Baby Herc vs Ryder - Rough & Ready 158

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Battle of the Best Abs!

Ryder comes at Baby Herc AGGRESSIVE! Tensions build when both guys start throwing out some gut punches! Hard hits and slaps start to turn both wrestlers skin bright red! Ryder takes Herc to the mat and wraps his hands around his throat! Herc is losing oxygen fast and has to counter quickly in order to not be put out!

Herc springs up and attacks Ryder with a vicious bearhug! Herc flings Ryder's 6'5" frame around the mat like he weighs nothing! A fast paced series of bearhugs and bodyslams shows that neither Baby Herc or Ryder have a huge advantage and anyone can win!

Ryder uses his height to keep Herc pinned down and bent in half most the match! But Herc has the experience and muscle to take Ryder down! Herc uses his wagon wheel legs to bring the pain to Ryder! He wraps Ryder up in body scissors and beats on Ryder when he is pinned down. 

Ryder has been exerting so much energy throughout the match, he is beginning to wear down as he takes more punishment! When Baby Herc starts lifting and throwing Ryder around it may be foreshadowing an ending for Ryder! Can Ryder hold on and get the upset win against the Rising Superstar Baby Herc?