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Baby Herc vs Tristan - No Holds Barred 250

$ 31.59

Baby Herc is doing his infamous "Million Dollar Pushups". He doesn't notice Tristan showed up early for their winner-takes-all all match and is watching over Baby Herc. When Tristan stops fantasizing about what he is going to do to this new boy toy he walks up and flexes in front of Baby Herc. Herc's attitude flows from cocky to admiration of Tristan's muscles!

Suddenly and without warning both men drop to the mat and lock up in an intense arm wrestling competition! After a best 2 out of 3, Tristan sneakily lands a hard gut punch when Herc goes to shake his hand. Tristan pounces on Herc and lays into him with gut punches over and over! He then shoves Herc against the wall and rams his shoulders into his abs. Herc's durability is on display as he shoves Tristan off yanks him up and slams him into an over-the-knee backbreaker! Herc wraps Tristan up in a full nelson on the mat and pulls Tristan's shoulders up hard! 

A back-and-forth match-up turns into dirty tricks and intense! The action turns up when Herc lifts Tristan up on his shoulders and slams him down into a new room! Tristan is up and ready, but Herc is in control and not going to let Tristan slide. Has Tristan taken too much damage to fight back at this point? Or will Herc totally dominate the old man and teach him some NEW tricks? Download Now and find out!