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Blayne vs Tristan Baldwin - Valentine's Day Battle 2017

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

It’s been five long years, but finally the wait is over – Tristan Baldwin has returned to Thunder’s Arena!

Blayne is on the mats, taking some selfies on his phone.  There is no doubt that the camera loves Blayne, with his impressive physique and looks he could be on the cover of a fitness magazine!  As he poses and flexes for the lens, Tristan arrives (in tiny two-tone trunks) and immediately starts trashing Blayne.  “You got a filter on that camera?  Actually airbrush some muscle on you?”  Tristan is famous (or should that be infamous) for trash talk and loves to give his opponents a verbal beatdown every bit as brutal and dominating as the physical kind!  Tristan asks where the ‘big man’ is, telling Blayne he’s not there to speak to the secretary!  Ouch!  Blayne flexes his abs at Tristan, letting him know that he’s bringing some muscle – Tristan flexes his own abs in response!  The trash talk flows back and forth, and soon the two are posing against each other, trying to outdo and out flex the other!  Tristan finally has enough and shoves Blayne face first to the mat whilst he’s posing – cheap shot!  Blayne is furious as he picks himself up off the mat and launches straight into a lockup with the returning superstar!  Blayne scores the takedown, mounting Tristan’s back, but Tristan is no slouch on the mat – he escapes and reverses, mounting Blayne’s back and slapping on a full nelson, grinding him into the mat!  Tristan smashes Blayne’s face into the mat once, twice, three times!  Blayne is reeling as Tristan releases the hold, prowling around the mat as Blayne recovers.  Blayne gets to all fours but Tristan straddles his back, wrapping his ROCK HARD QUADS around Blayne’s ribs and squeezing for all he’s worth!  In desperation, Blayne’s grabs Tristan’s arms and pulls forward, throwing Tristan overhead to the mat!  Tristan is utterly surprised as Blayne bounds up and grabs his leg, dragging him to the centre of the mat.  Blayne turns Tristan into a modified crab – “How flexible are you?” “I’ve had deeper!”  Blayne takes the challenge, going deeper in the crab but he can’t hold it and he falls forward, releasing the hold!  Tristan retaliates with a vicious fist to Blayne’s balls followed immediately by a bulldog – Blayne’s face is again smashed into the mat!  Tristan traps Blayne in a killer arm lock, torqueing his tricep!  As if that wasn’t agony enough he clamps on a sadistic LAT CLAW, digging his fingers hard into the exposed muscle!  Tristan has clearly lost none of his trademark viciousness and brutality in his five years away!

Tristan starts a sadistically methodical beatdown, first working Blayne’s leg in a toe hold, then adding a hammerlock to his arm – poor Blayne is completely immobilised as Tristan starts slapping his balls!  Blayne can do nothing but ride out the torture!  Tristan decides to show his dominance first by smothering Blayne with his armpit, then by picking Blayne up and using him as a barbell for bicep curls!  Blayne is slammed down over Tristan’s knee in a backbreaker!  Tristan adds more pain, digging the point of his elbow deep into Blayne’s abs!  The mat veteran is out to make an example of Blayne, punishing him with knee drops, pec slaps and gut punches.  “I asked for real opponents – where are they?” A spine-warping Boston Crab has Blayne moaning!  Tristan pulls back HARD, sitting on Blayne’s head!  Tristan releases and wraps his rock-hard thighs around Blayne’s chest, crushing the breath out of him!  Hold after hold, move after move, Tristan wants to send out a message to the Thunder’s roster, but Blayne isn’t out yet!  A ballbash cheap shot of his own has Tristan whimpering in pain!  Blayne fires in some revenge knee drops and a rib-crushing body scissor!

Neck breakers, back breakers, chin locks, even a spine-cracking suspended teardrop submission hold!  Can Blayne score a win over the returning superstar?  Will Tristan’s homecoming end in upset?  Or will Tristan make good on his promise to “freight train through this fed”?  One thing’s for sure – this is a match you don’t want to miss!