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Chris Rockway vs Tristan - No Holds Barred 253

$ 25.95
$ 28.88

Tristan enters the mat room and sees Chris Rockway waiting, ready for action! Tristan can't contain his excitement to work with the one and only CHRIS ROCKWAY! Rockway takes a firm grip on Tristan's cheeks, spinning him around and challenging him to a test of strength. Tristan is pumped up and ready to tangle with Chris Rockway! But then, a brutal belly-to-belly bearhug lifts Tristan up before Rockway slams him to the mat and pins him down. Tristan is caught in a body scissors on the mat, as Rockway's intensity only grows stronger. Tristan tries to trash talk, but the pain starts to show on his face. Fueled by determination, Tristan uses an eye rake to get back on his feet and locks Rockway in a side headlock! But Rockway won't back down, grabbing hold of Tristan's legs and forcing him to release the hold!

 Chris Rockway's confidence swells and he starts flexing and talking trash in Tristan's face. Tristan is not one to take disrespect and comes back at Chris Rockway with dirty moves and ball bashing! Both men bang together their hard, shredded bodies on the mat with Tristan stripped down and Chris Rockway owning the mat! Will Tristan be able to flip the script and own Rockway? Download for a steamy ending! Pushing the limits and testing each other's strength, these men give it their all in an intense match. Chris Rockway's raw power and unapologetic attitude collide with Tristan's cunning and agility, leaving no room for weak spots. Get ready to experience a fiery battle of skill and stamina!