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CrushDaddy vs Scrappy - No Holds Barred 246

$ 31.59

New 6'5", 250 lbs CRUSHDADDY 💥

Scrappy has no idea what he just got himself into 😲 He flexes until CrushDaddy stands up towering over him and Scrappy's eyes go wide! Scrappy says he is not intimidated but he definitely is! CrushDaddy throws Scrappy to the mat and has his way with him! He plants him sprawled out and suctions Scrappy to the mat! Scrappy fights back but CrushDaddy's strength is obviously a problem for Scrappy! 

CrushDaddy uses every humiliation tactic in his arsenal to take it to Scrappy. Scrappy begins fighting dirty to even the contest and the match gets intense! Scrappy's experience and grittiness catches CrushDaddy off guard! Scrappy gets a few licks in and strips CrushDaddy from his wrestling trunks to reveal a smaller pair! 

Exhaustion sets in with both wrestlers as the intense match wears on! The mat streaked with sweat and both Scrappy and CrushDaddy have no issues getting down and trading blows on a sweaty mat! Scrappy's typical high energy is contrasted by the slow, methodical passion of CrushDaddy. Scrappy fights with bearhug and full nelsons and CrushDaddy throws him around allowing Scrappy every chance to feel every single inch of him...only to toss him away like garbage after! CrushDaddy slams his forearms into Scrappy's back and head as he tries to stand. Scrappy is dragged by his feet across the mat to be put in a brutal camel clutch!

Scrappy fights with dirty moves to keep CrushDaddy at a distance until he can figure out just how to deal with the new Thunders Mass Monster? Will Scrappy solve the puzzle on how to take down the 6'5" 250 lbs CrushDaddy?