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Fan Striker vs Deadlock - Mat Rats 182

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Click Here for Part 1 - Mat Rats 181

This is Part 2 of the Fan Fantasy Match story n the aftermath of the controversial Fan Fantasy match, Mars confronts Deadlock!

Deadlock and Fan Striker meet back on the mat after the drama of Fan Striker's match against Mars! But Deadlock is out of his ref's uniform and ready to whoop some fan's ass! He locks Fan Striker up in a sleeper hold and takes him to the mat hard! However, Fan Striker holding his own against Mars may have been a fluke because Deadlock is in full control of the match! He is throwing Fan Striker around, but Fan Striker becomes more and more physical as the match goes on and Deadlock begins to take some hard damage!

Fan Striker was not expecting Deadlock to fight dirty, but Deadlock reaches up from the mat and latches onto Fan Striker's groin and grips down! Fan Striker is in trouble now as Deadlock deals out some punishment! Fan Striker is not backing down though! He is still fighting back against Deadlock harder and harder after each dirty move or submission!

Deadlock starts rocking Fan Striker with hard gut punches and the pain starts to set in! Fan Striker becomes desperate to relieve himself of the pain and takes a very small opportunity to lock Deadlock up in a sleeper hold! But Fan Striker's grip begins to give way as he becomes more and more exhausted. Deadlock's experience begins to kick in and he keeps the match pace fast and hard taking it to Fan Striker! 

Both Men are exhausted from the intense back and forth needed to stay in this match! Deadlock may have more gas in the tank than Fan Striker was ready for! Will Deadlock give this fan the True Thunders Arena Experience and beat him to a pulp? DOWNLOAD NOW AND FIND OUT!