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Deadlock vs Tristan - No Holds Barred 251

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

 Tristan and Deadlock can't seem to decide if they want to be best buds or fierce adversaries. Their intense back-and-forth leaves you on the edge, wondering who will strike first. And when a clash of strength erupts, both men's power brings the fight crashing to the mat. In a bold move, Tristan locks Deadlock in a full nelson and his hands roam all over his opponent's body, pushing the limits of no-holds-barred wrestling. Deadlock, however, stays focused and all business on the mat, even as Tristan's dirty tactics begin to wear him down. But just when it seems like Tristan has the upper hand, Deadlock flips him headfirst, jolting him back to reality. The fight continues with intense gut punches and brutal moves from both sides. As Tristan's aggressive and dirty sportsmanship clashes with Deadlock's hard brutality, the atmosphere shifts when Deadlock drags Tristan to a new location. Trunks are ripped off, and you'll need to download it to find out what happens next...