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Dom9 vs Heathen- No Holds Barred 243

$ 25.00
$ 31.59

Dom9 makes the new guy, Heathen, flex for the camera while he methodically sets up his first move! Dom drops to his knees while Heathen flexes for the camera and slowly reaches between his legs and delivers a nasty ball claw! Without letting his grip loosen, Dom lifts Heathen straight off the mat with a high crotch lift and the agony lights up Heathen's face! Dom drops him to the mat and sits on him flexing.

Dom stays on top of Heathen relentlessly pursuing body contact! Heathen works to counter but Dom has an experience advantage over the new guy. Heathen gets a window and lifts Dom up over his shoulders and drops him HARD on the mat. Dom has no choice but to fight dirty and pulls Heathen into a brutal wedgie! Dom is done showing the new guy how to wrestle and is going to bring the punishment now!

Dom is like a shark always on top of Heathen never letting him breathe! Heathen sees that there is no other choice but to fight dirty just like Dom is. He hits Dom with a brutal ball claw and Dom is caught off guard! Heathen jumps on top and locks in a brutal camel clutch! Dom slowly leads Heathen around the mat into every scenario he wants! Watch Today and see just how far these guys go on the mat!