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Dom9 vs Smash - Battlespace 156

$ 29.89
$ 34.75


Touching and shoving quickly turns into wrestling when Smash and Dom tie up! Both guys hands wander around gripping every inch of their opponent until Smash lifts Dom over his shoulder and carries him around the mat! Smash slams Dom down and sits on his chest! With Dom pinned down Smash takes the chance to add punishment to pain and gives Dom a wedgie. Dom is trapped with Smash's legs wrapped around his torso.

Dom snaps when Smash keeps trash talking. Dom slams Smash with a low blow and then keeps the pressure on with ball claw after ball claw! Dom runs up and down Smash's body as he is laid out on the mat. Dom works Smash over until Smash gets a second wind and flips Dom over. He pins him down but Dom takes a grip on Smash's trunks and won't let go hitting Smash with repeated gut punches!

Smash sees he is going to have to turn it up a notch if he is going to keep up with Dom! When Dom needs a breather, Smash rocks him with gut punches! He lifts him upside down and slams him to wall before SLAMMING HIM ON HIS HEAD! Smash doesn't care and just sits his nuts on Dom's face and pins him down! But Dom knows exactly where he is on the mat and Smash gets countered!

The feeling of the match changes when Dom snatches Smash up in a bearhug and carries him to the bedroom. But Smash matches Dom's energy and the match cranks up a notch in the erotic department! Will Smash be able to keep up with Dom in the bedroom? Download NOW and find out!