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Dozer vs Sly - No Holds Barred 44 (Muscle Worship Match)

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

After the two bodybuilder bro's have a gentlemanly fashion consultation, Dozer invites Sly to a wrestling workout. They warm-up with some obligatory flexing and posing, and Sly is duly impressed by the massive Dozer. Although these competitors have decided on workout gear, Dozer remembers a pair of special donated trunks he wants to show off, and changes into them as Sly encourages the posedown to continue. There's pec-pounding, bi-flexing and lots of taunting talk as the two big buddies conceal their competitive instincts behind friendly banter. Suddenly, there in the bedroom, they lock up, and Dozer tosses the unsuspecting Sly onto the bed, pouncing on him and applying a rear naked choke. Dozer completely manhandles Sly, manipulating him into a painful full nelson. Struggling to get free, Sly grabs one of Dozer's massive thighs, and is amazed. Dozer grabs Sly's leg and easily establishes dominance with a schoolboy pin. Dozer moves forward on Sly's massive chest, then squeezes Sly's head between his gigantic quads. When he relents, Sly pulls Dozer back onto the bed and quicky slaps on bear hug from behind. Dozer gets a reversal, and wrenches Sly's arm behind his back while applying a choke hold....it looks like Dozer's headed for another killer rear naked choke, but Sly maneuvers out, climbing onto Dozer's wide back. He rolls Dozer onto his back but Dozer powers out and gets to his knees, but Sly counters by muscling Dozer into a bearhug from behind. Dozer counters by flipping Sly over his broad shoulders onto this back on the bed, and proceeds to manhandle Sly, forcing his head between his massive thighs. Dozer proceeds to wrench Sly's back, arching it back relentlessly. Sly tries to retaliate but Dozer drives him back and applies another schoolboy pin, flexing his pecs and gunz in dominance. Dozer again gets Sly's head between his tights and crushes sadistically, with Sly now draped backward over the end of the bed, his back punished and his head in a vice-grip. Dozer relents... and Sly bearhugs him, lifting him off his feet and throwing him onto the bed. Sly climbs on top of Dozer, bashes his abs, thighs, chest and arms in revenge. He rolls Dozer onto his stomach and climbs on top of that massive back, but Dozer just keeps flexing away. This distracts Sly, who can't decide whether to admire or attempt to demolish Dozer's pecs. Dozer gets Sly into a headlock and once again traps his head between his titanic thighs. Dozer demands that Sly "give" and insists even as Sly refuses. He suddenly struggles free and locks his legs around Dozer's midsection from behind. Sly punishes Dozer's chest while also splitting his crotch, until Dozer has had enough and powers out. Dozer climps onto Sly's back, clamps on a full nelson, establishes painful dominance and then tosses Sly aside like a ragdoll. All Sly can think of it so assault Dozer with a pillow fight...then admiring Dozer's incredible size and power as Dozer flexes and poses, drinking up the praise and attention. With Sly distracted by his physique, Dozer seizes the moment to attack Sly, wrapping his legs around head once again, with crushing power. NOW THE PERSPECTIVE CHANGES, AND THE CAMERA ANGLE ALLOWS US TO EXPERIENCE THE MATCH FROM SLY'S PERSPECTIVE. Sly's draped over the end of the bed, helpless, as Dozer flexes and poses, until Sly taps out on Dozer's rockhard thigh. The victorious Dozer continues to flex and pose, as Sly admires Dozer's 255 pounds of vascular muscularity, at 9% body fat. INCREDIBLE. But Dozer's had enough of this, and sadistically attacks Sly, dominating him relentlessly. He tosses Sly onto the bed, delivers some crushing blows to his chest and abs, then drags Sly to the end of the bed, wraps his quads around his head. THE AMAZING CAMERA WORK MAKES YOU FEEL JUST LIKE SLY MUST FEEL...as Dozer forces him to beg for mercy and ultimately submit to his indomitable power.