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Eagle vs Sparrow - Custom Video Series 49 Pro Wrestling with Coach Frey Part 2

Eagle vs Sparrow - Custom Video Series 49 Pro Wrestling with Coach Frey Part 2

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

This match gets a HUGE endorsement from Mr. Mike - "One of the funniest and hottest videos we have ever made!  Period!"

Coach Frey has decided to give Sparrow another shot after his match with Raptor and gives his protégé some words of advice before taking on the mighty Eagle - “His ego is his weakness – compliment him, then break him!”

Eagle is already in the ring, posing and preening, waiting for the match to begin.  Sparrow gets some last minute tips from Coach Frey, then moves in to put their plan into action!  Sparrow starts to compliment Eagle on his body, worshipping his biceps and quads.  Eagle laps up the attention, flexing for his fans.  “This is like getting a massage – is there a happy ending?”  Sparrow responds by lifting Eagle up and slamming the surprised stud to the canvas!  Sparrow pulls back on Eagle’s hair, getting in his face.  “Not so pretty now are you boy!”  Coach Frey is on the ring apron, shouting directions to his student.  But Sparrow is not hot on taking direction!  Frey calls for him to slap on a scissor hold, but Sparrow has other ideas!  He wraps up Eagle’s legs and grabs his balls!  Sparrow ignores his coach opting to further work on Eagle’s knee!  Eagle lashes out, bringing Sparrow down and locking him up in a front face lock.  Eagle spins around, getting behind Sparrow and clamping on a rear bearhug!  Eagle’s face is a picture of rage as he ruthlessly crushes his victim before lifting him high and throwing him to the mat.  They lock up again and Sparrow manages to get behind Eagle, lifting him up in a rear bearhug of his own before throwing him down and following through with a choke!  Sparrow rains forearm blows down on Eagles chest, but Eagle manages to escape, hooking Sparrow’s head and tossing him over his shoulder!  The soaring superstar stretches Sparrow out before slapping on a crushing bodyscissor, his massive quads pumped and flexing as he pours on the pressure!  Things look bleak for Sparrow as Eagle pulverises his ribs, but Eagle has forgotten about Sparrow’s not-so-secret weapon – Coach Frey jumps in and wraps his arm around Eagle in a choke, forcing the musclehunk to let Sparrow go!  Sparrow seizes the opportunity to slug Eagle in the gut, over and over again!  Frey again calls for the leg scissors, but Sparrow just doesn’t get it!  “No, like this you jackass!”  Frey clamps a bodyscissor on Eagle, punishing him for crushing his student.  Sparrow finally listens to his coach, slapping a bodyscissor of his own on.  “Now do it to his head” Sparrow may actually be the worst student ever, ignoring Frey and instead pulling Eagle’s head up and back.

Sweat is pouring as the two gladiators fight!  Sparrow goes in for a bearhug, but Eagle slips out and clamps a full nelson on!  Eagle has it locked on tight as Sparrow suffers in the debilitating hold.  Sparrow is thrown to the canvas as Eagle starts to get the upper hand.  They lock up again, their bodies becoming entangled in a mass of leg holds and chokes.  Frey is far from impressed as Eagle wraps Sparrow up in hold after hold!  Eagle is unrelenting as Sparrow searches for the remains of his game plan!  He manages to get Eagle down, mounting his back and slapping on a tight headlock.  But Eagle reverses and traps him in a vicious arm bar!  Sparrow screams in agony, but Frey again leaps in to save the day!  Pec claws, scissors, bearhugs, chokes, corner splashes, knee lifts, even a suplex!

Can Eagle beat the odds and put the upstart away?  Can Sparrow finally win the match and the respect of his coach?  Or will he feel the sting of Coach Frey’s wrath?  Get this match now and see for yourself!