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Mars Flexing abs pecs Thunders Arena

Fan Striker vs Mars - Mat Rats 181

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Fan Striker vs Mars - Mat Rats 181

Match Description

Exciting News!! 

We have found our Winner of the "Wrestling Fantasy Raffle" and he wrestled Mars! 

Fan Striker jumps on the mat HYPED UP to wrestle Mars! Mars is excited and happy that Fan Striker chose him to stroke his ego! But Mars soon finds himself in a side headlock that is latched on TIGHT! Fan Striker is obviously been watching wrestling for a long time and slides Mars down into a head scissors easily! Mars is in a tight spot and Fan Striker starts talking smack to Mars about taking his fans. Mars gets aggravated with the trash talk and flips Fan Striker over into a Boston Crab! Mars flexes for the camera yelling at Fan Striker to give up! Will Mars make the fan tap out that fast?

Mars is getting frustrated he can't seem to keep Fan Striker down. So he resorts to dirty moves and ball claws Fan Striker! Not exactly what he signed up for, but Fan Striker takes the punishment in stride. You can see he is pissed off, though, and he flings Mars up and engulfs him in a deep rear naked choke! Then, taking a page from classic Thunders, he sits on Mars chest and flexes for the camera! "WHO'S GONNA BE THE CHAMPION?!"

Mars now realizes Fan Striker is not going to just back down to him on the mat. So now, the fight is really on! Mars snatches Fan Striker in a side headlock before slamming him down into a banana split with a thud echoing off the mat! Mars adds more pain and punishment with a slur of ball claws and back breakers trying to keep Fan Striker on the mat!

Mars rolls up Fan Striker and pins him down 1! 2! 3! BUT, FAN STRIKER DOESN'T BELIEVE THAT PIN WAS LEGIT! Fan Striker forces another round and Mars allows the fan to get that opportunity. However, Mars is not going to take it easy this round according to him. BEARHUGS and TIGHT PINS highlight the second round. But now, Mars is upset with the count! 

With all this controversy, a ref is brought in to regulate the third round! Who is the surprise referee and who can get a clean pin in this intense Fan vs Superstar matchup!


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Mars Flexing abs pecs Thunders Arena